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House GOPers Prepping for Long-Haul Clinton Probe

'We've got two years' worth of material already lined up': Rep. Jason Chaffetz

(Newser) - The good news for Hillary Clinton: Prominent House Republicans seem to be giving off vibes they've accepted the possibility she'll become president. The bad news for Clinton: Those same GOPers are gearing up for "years" of continued probes into Clinton's record should she win, the Washington ... More »

'Ethics Elves' Hounded Palin Out of Office

Endless FOIA requests, ethics investigations, made her quit

(Newser) - The real reason Sarah Palin quit governing Alaska has nothing to do with 2012, writes John Fund of the Wall Street Journal. She was forced to quit by an onslaught of Freedom of Information Act requests—which anyone can file in Alaska—used by her political enemies to paralyze her.... More »

FBI to Expand Role Battling Terrorism

Marks effort toward investigation, criminal prosecution of accused terrorists

(Newser) - The FBI will take a bigger role in the fight against terrorism, the Los Angeles Times reports, moving into investigation and criminal prosecution of accused terrorists. The shift marks a change from the secretive CIA operations favored by the Bush administration, and ties in with President Obama’s assertion that... More »

Pentagon Kept Humvees Despite Known IED Threat

Officials delayed switch to safer vehicles: report

(Newser) - Military leaders knew before the Iraq war that roadside bombs would threaten troops, but they still dragged their heels on adopting vehicles more resistant to IEDs, a Pentagon investigation has found. In 2005 officials stopped processing an urgent request from field commanders for vehicles called MRAPs, whose height and hull... More »

Flap Error May Have Caused Spanair Crash

Electrical failure kept pilots from getting warning, investigators believe

(Newser) - Pilots of the Spanair jet that crashed last month didn't extend the aircraft's flaps before takeoff—and an electrical malfunction likely kept them from getting a warning about it, the Wall Street Journal reports. The flaps, on the backs of wings, are needed for an extra lift when an aircraft... More »

FBI Looks to Expand Powers of Investigation

Agency wants to open cases without reason for suspicion

(Newser) - The Department of Justice is aiming to relax restrictions on the FBI so agents can investigate people without any clear reason for suspicion, congressional Dems tell the New York Times. The plan, which may be revealed in September, has attracted concern, including a letter from four Democratic senators warning that... More »

6 Stories