Petermann glacier

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Mammoth Iceberg Splits From Greenland Glacier

Changes to glacier 'disturbing,' say alarmed scientists

(Newser) - A colossal iceberg twice the size of Manhattan has broken away from the end of Greenland's Petermann glacier. Another, even bigger, iceberg broke from the northerly glacier in 2010 , and scientists had been keeping an eye on a crack near the glacier's tip for years, reports AP . "... More »

Vast Iceberg Could Cause Another Titanic

Gigantic glacier may be headed for shipping lanes

(Newser) - Researchers are frantically calculating the trajectory of the 100-square-mile island of ice that broke off a Greenland glacier recently, afraid that it could easily drift down into the heavily-trafficked waters where another Greenland iceberg sank the Titanic. The chunk of ice is four times the size of Manhattan, and “... More »

Huge Ice Sheet Breaks Off Greenland Glacier

Global warming? Maybe yes, maybe no, says researcher

(Newser) - A massive chunk of ice has broken off one of Greenland's biggest glaciers. "Chunk" may not be the word—it's 100 square miles, or four times the size of Manhattan, says a University of Delaware researcher. It's also the biggest piece of ice to—in the scientific jargon—"... More »

Scientists Spot Crack at Top of the World

Northern Hemisphere's largest floating glacier breaking up

(Newser) - A huge crack—seven miles long and a half-mile wide—has opened in a northern Greenland glacier as an 11-square-mile chunk of ice appears to be breaking off. The phenomenon is occurring in the Northern Hemisphere's largest floating glacier, once thought largely immune to the effects of global warming, reports... More »

4 Stories