Chet Edwards

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9 House Races to Watch

Alan Grayson, Tom Perriello, Joseph Cao among those fighting for their job

(Newser) - Polling guru Nate Silver used his highly sophisticated model to predict that the GOP could pick up anywhere from 23 to 81 seats . They need to pick up 39 in order to grab a 218-vote House majority. We boiled it down to the 9 that you should keep an eye... More »

Texas Rep. Emerges as Darkhorse VP Finalist

Chet Edwards is little known but in the mix

(Newser) - As the political world waits with bated breath for Barack Obama to name his running mate, a new name has entered the mix, and it's one no one has been talking about: Chet Edwards. The little-known Texas congressman is part of a tiny group of contenders who provided background documents... More »

2 Stories