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'Happy Birthday' May Finally Belong to All

Warner Music agrees to pay $14M in proposed settlement

(Newser) - "Happy Birthday to You" will finally be in the public domain if a proposed settlement is approved. Warner Music has announced it won't fight a move to make rights to the song public and will spend $14 million to end a class-action lawsuit in search of royalties paid... More »

NY Library Gives Internet Free Rein Over 180K Items

'No permission required, no hoops to jump through'

(Newser) - "Menus for long-ago eaten banquets, postcards featuring buildings that no longer exist, gorgeous maps and engravings, yellowed photographs, elegant sheet music." Those are just a few of the Atlantic's favorite things contained inside a massive release of materials into the public domain courtesy of the New York... More »

Sherlock Holmes in Public Domain, Says Judge

Or at least, all his stories from before 1923

(Newser) - Are you dying to share your Sherlock Holmes fanfic with the world? Well, that's just become (sorry, we have to do this by law), elementary, my dear reader. A federal judge has ruled that Holmes, Watson, and all 50 stories they appeared in before Jan. 1, 1923, are now... More »

1920s Mickey May Be Public Domain

Ex-researcher, law student raise questions that anger Disney lawyers

(Newser) - A trio of unlikely challengers has angered Walt Disney Co. by arguing that an early version of Mickey Mouse is no longer copyright-protected, the Los Angeles Times reports. Disney has won a $500,000 lawsuit against ex-employee Gregory Brown, who uncovered old film credits that he says invalidate Disney's claim... More »

4 Stories