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Prosecutor to Ford: 'I'm Very Sorry'

Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination hangs in the balance in Senate testimony

(Newser) - She's positive it happened. That's one big theme emerging from Christine Blasey Ford's highly anticipated testimony Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Ford told senators she has no doubt that it was Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh who accosted her on a bed at a party in... More »

Hypothetical Hot Dogs May Be Bad News for Trump

Comes up in lawsuit over business interests, could affect release of tax returns

(Newser) - Controversy over President Trump's refusal to release his tax returns may have fallen off the political radar, but it resurfaced in a very real way in a Manhattan courtroom on Wednesday. As NPR reports, that's where a hearing unfolded as part of a lawsuit brought by the watchdog... More »

DeVos: Schools Might Need Guns to Defend Against Bears

She defends school choice in testy Senate hearing

(Newser) - Education Secretary hopeful Betsy DeVos was peppered with questions from time-limited Democrats during a testy Senate hearing Tuesday, and the exchange getting the most attention involves bears. When Sen. Chris Murphy asked if she believes that there's no place for guns in school, she referred to a school in... More »

'Every American Should Be Alarmed': McCain on Russia

Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on foreign cyberthreats, Russia underway

(Newser) - "Every American should be alarmed by Russia's attack on our nation." These words from Sen. John McCain, chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, as the panel kicked off a hearing Thursday into foreign cyberthreats, with Russia at the top of the agenda, the New York Times ... More »

Virginia Murder Suspect Was a 'Sociopath in Training'

Suspected killers of Nicole Lovell, 13, attend court hearing

(Newser) - The alleged killers of a 13-year-old Virginia girl sat in court Friday as police painted a grim portrait of them, People reports. Former Virginia Tech students Natalie Keepers, 19, and David Eisenhauer, 18, heard how Nicole Lovell was allegedly lured from her home on Jan. 27, murdered by Eisenhauer, and... More »

Homeless Woman Walks Miles for Rape Hearings

Perpetrator Paul Hubert, 54, attacked her under a bridge

(Newser) - First she endured the horror of being raped under a bridge. Then the 47-year-old homeless woman took walks as long as 8 miles in Columbus, Ohio, to attend several court hearings for her attacker—who pleaded guilty and got 3 years in prison, the Columbus Dispatch reports. "He didn’... More »

Doctors Judge Girl's Sanity in 'Slender Man' Stabbing

Morgan Geyser isn't legally competent to stand trial, they say

(Newser) - The prospect of an insanity plea loomed over a hearing in Wisconsin today for two girls accused in the "Slender Man" stabbing of a classmate, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Two doctors (one for the defense, one prosecution) said that one of the 12-year-old girls, Morgan Geyser, isn't... More »

Bradley Manning Wants to Tell Court Why He Did It

He hoped to 'spark a domestic debate' on foreign policy

(Newser) - Bradley Manning passed classified documents to WikiLeaks because he wanted to "spark a domestic debate on the role of our military and foreign policy in general," says a statement he's hoping to read in court tomorrow. The statement, which prosecutors read segments of at a press event... More »

Dad at Aurora Hearing: 'Rot in Hell, Holmes!'

Holmes arraignment pushed back until March 12

(Newser) - James Holmes' much-publicized pre-trial hearing series was dramatic to the last. As the judge brought down the gavel to close the proceedings today, the father of one of the victims shouted, "Rot in hell, Holmes!" ABC 7 reports. After a few minutes, the court reconvened to address the... More »

Costa Captain Faces 1,000 Survivors in Theater Hearing

Francesco Schettino hears evidence in manslaughter charge

(Newser) - Charged with manslaughter, the Costa Concordia's ex-captain arrived in court today to hear evidence against him in the accident that killed 32. In a Tuscan theater functioning as a courtroom, Francesco Schettino reportedly faced more than 1,000 survivors of the disaster. "We want to look him in... More »

Russia Stalls on Pussy Riot Appeal

After band member fires lawyers

(Newser) - The hearing set for today in the Pussy Riot case has been postponed until Oct. 10, CNN reports. The Russian court moved the hearing following a band member's announcement in court today that a disagreement had prompted her to fire her lawyers. Yekaterina Samutsevich said she'd found a... More »

Sandusky Waives Right to Hearing

Surprise move cuts off testimony from accusers

(Newser) - Jerry Sandusky arrived in court today, for what was expected to be a lengthy pretrial hearing featuring testimony from many of his accusers. Instead, Sandusky surprised the court by waiving his right to the hearing, allowing the sexual abuse case to move straight to trial. On the way out of... More »

In Rare Move, Berlusconi Shows Up to Court

Italian PM slams ridiculous tax fraud case

(Newser) - As his legal troubles drag on, Silvio Berlusconi is weighing in: In a rare move, he showed up at a Milan hearing today in his tax fraud case, the AP reports. When asked if he would attend other hearings as well, Berlusconi said, "I will go to those when... More »

Letterman Blackmailer Heads Back to Court, May Want Trial

With $100K raised for defense, Halderman plea deal looks unlikely

(Newser) - The man accused of trying to blackmail David Letterman has raised $100,000 for his defense fund ahead of tomorrow’s first hearing in the case, and some experts think Robert “Joe” Halderman won’t accept a plea bargain despite his reported money woes. “This lawyer is a... More »

Court Overturns Merrill-BofA Settlement With SEC

Bank's $33M fine doesn't do 'justice' to shareholders, public: judge

(Newser) - A federal judge today scrapped the $33 million settlement Bank of America and the SEC agreed on as punishment for the bank's not informing shareholders of bonuses paid to Merrill Lynch executives just before the bank bought Merrill, the New York Times reports. Saying BofA "materially lied, " Jed... More »

Von Brunn in 'No Condition' for Court: Judge

Hospitalized museum gunman, shot in face, still in critical condition

(Newser) - A white supremacist accused of fatally shooting a security guard at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum is in no condition to appear in court, a federal judge ruled today. James von Brunn, 88, was shot in the face by guards who returned his fire last week and is still hospitalized.... More »

Court to Hear Saberi Appeal Tomorrow

(Newser) - Roxana Saberi’s appeal hearing will take place tomorrow, Reuters reports. The lawyer for the jailed American-Iranian journalist said it’s unclear when his client will find out if her 8-year sentence for espionage has been dropped or reduced. "The verdict could come next week or any other time,... More »

Blago Pleads Not Guilty in Criminal Case

Brother also pleads not guilty to corruption charges

(Newser) - Rod Blagojevich and his brother pleaded not guilty to corruption charges today in a 10-minute US district court hearing, the Chicago Tribune reports. The former Illinois governor’s lawyer spoke for him as he faced several questions from the judge, including one on his education. “Mr Rod Blagojevich would... More »

9/11 Accused Admit Guilt at Tribunal

(Newser) - Two suspected Sept. 11 planners calmly declared their guilt today at what could be the final military tribunal session at Guantanamo Bay, the Miami Herald reports. "We are proud of 9/11," said Ramzi bin al Shibh, who announced his plan to plead guilty, the AP reports. Another... More »

Judge Limits Distribution of Caylee Images

Accused mom Casey appears for motion on autopsy photos

(Newser) - Accused murderer Casey Anthony headed back to a Florida jail after her first public appearance since October at a court hearing today, the Orlando Sentinel reports. At the hearing, held to determine restrictions on photos and X-rays of the corpse of Anthony’s daughter Caylee Marie, a judge granted defense... More »

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