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Americans Learn to Say 'Mmm, Rabbit'

Furry friends are also perfect food animal for budding DIY farmers

(Newser) - Rabbit as food is a troubling conceit for many Americans—“it’s this weird association with Easter,” a chef says—but the animal is taking off with a small group of budding butchers, urban farmers, and those just enamored of its lean, healthy meat. “This is my... More »

Foodies Gag on McDonald's New McItaly Burgers

Why water down the country's diverse food culture?

(Newser) - It’s bad enough that McDonald’s would seek to water down Italy’s vaunted food culture by introducing a line of “McItaly” burgers, Matthew Fort snorts, but that the morally bankrupt government of Silvio Berlusconi would give a stamp of approval is a “monstrous act of national... More »

Celeb Chef Plans Inaugural Fete

(Newser) - Alice Waters is heading to Washington, and the inauguration eve dinner prepared by one of the country's highest-profile chefs is one of the capital’s hottest tickets, the Huffington Post reports. The Chez Panisse founder says she hopes the event will highlight her advocacy of local food and communal eating.... More »

Slow-Food Fest Plans Political Mouthful in San Fran

After showcasing local, sustainable eating, organizers will head to Congress

(Newser) - With the slow-food movement taking center stage in San Francisco at a 4-day festival beginning tomorrow, organizers are hoping the momentum carries all the way to Washington, the Chronicle reports. With lectures, garden tours, cooking demos, and restaurant dinners, Slow Food Nation aims to change US food policy by promoting... More »

4 Stories