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T-1 Day Til Dems' Convention

Team Romney looks to steal some thunder from Charlotte convention

(Newser) - Counting the minutes til the Democratic National Convention begins? Here's what has been happening in advance of tomorrow's kickoff, and what you can expect when the Democrats' big shebang begins:
  • Yesterday saw weaker-than-expected protests: Some 800 protesters took to the streets in Charlotte to slam big banks, lax
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As School Gardens Grow, Kids' Education Wilts

Alice Waters' crusade steals the most necessary thing about school

(Newser) - The school garden movement is well-intentioned but disastrously misguided, Caitlin Flanagan writes, and will “contribute to the creation of a permanent, uneducated underclass” while robbing “that group of the very force necessary to change its fate"—namely, education. Alice Waters of Chez Panisse fame has been the... More »

Who We Trust Post-Cronkite

From Cooper to Oprah, people weigh in

(Newser) - After the passing of Walter Cronkite, the Washington Post wondered who could compare to his level of trustworthiness. Below are a few of the responses they got from a variety of sources:
  • Anderson Cooper, “because he always has that slight bit of cynicism when it’s deserved,” says
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Celeb Chef Plans Inaugural Fete

(Newser) - Alice Waters is heading to Washington, and the inauguration eve dinner prepared by one of the country's highest-profile chefs is one of the capital’s hottest tickets, the Huffington Post reports. The Chez Panisse founder says she hopes the event will highlight her advocacy of local food and communal eating.... More »

Slow-Food Fest Plans Political Mouthful in San Fran

After showcasing local, sustainable eating, organizers will head to Congress

(Newser) - With the slow-food movement taking center stage in San Francisco at a 4-day festival beginning tomorrow, organizers are hoping the momentum carries all the way to Washington, the Chronicle reports. With lectures, garden tours, cooking demos, and restaurant dinners, Slow Food Nation aims to change US food policy by promoting... More »

5 Stories