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New Psychiatry 'Bible' Under Fire

Critics say it's too broad, confusing

(Newser) - A new edition of the manual doctors use to diagnose mental illness, the DSM, has just been released by the American Psychiatric Association—but it has already been stirring up controversy for months, reports CBS . Most critically, the director of the National Institute of Mental Health has spoken out against... More »

Our Solution to Schizophrenia Has Failed

Medication, treatment work, but those in need aren't getting it

(Newser) - America is so caught up in worries about privacy and stereotyping that we're blocking schizophrenics from the effective care that they need, and endangering many other lives as a result, writes psychiatrist Paul Steinberg in the New York Times . School counselors are usually better trained in depression and anxiety... More »

The APA Must Not 'Pathologize Grief'

There are some things you never adjust to: Jerry Adler

(Newser) - Jerry Adler lost his son, Max, in 2008 and he still feels “intense sorrow and emotional pain,” not to mention “intense anger,” over the loss at least once per day—which means the American Psychiatric Association could soon label him as suffering from an “adjustment... More »

Shrinks Discuss Rewrite of Psychiatric Bible

New DSM could make temper tantrums a mental illness

(Newser) - The American Psychiatric Association will unveil dozens of proposals for new psychiatric disorders today, as it begins its first revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders—or DSM, as the kids call it—since 1994. Kids prone to temper tantrums might soon be diagnosed with “temper... More »

Lesbian Rights Pioneer Dies

87-year-old activist Del Martin one of first to wed

(Newser) - Veteran lesbian rights pioneer Del Martin has died in San Francisco at age 87. Martin, founder of one of the first gay rights organizations, Daughters of Bilitis, had been in declining health for years, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. She and her partner were among the first same sex couples... More »

5 Stories