The Truman Show

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Idol Creators Dream Up 'Post-Reality' TV Show

Audience and cast members will interact online

(Newser) - The company that brought you American Idol is now straining against the limits of the medium with the first ever foray into “post reality entertainment.” If I Can Dream, Lisa de Moraes writes, will tell the “authentic story” of some authentic young Americans—a musician, an actor,... More »

Doc, I Think I'm on Reality TV

Psychiatrists see Truman Show delusion so often it's got its own syndrome

(Newser) - In The Truman Show, Jim Carrey's life was nothing more than a reality TV program, with actors playing his friends and family and millions of viewers watching his every move. Those themes of surveillance and artificiality pervade the lives of a growing number of psychiatric patients—people who think they... More »

2 Stories