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Alice Cooper Finds Vintage Warhol 'Rolled Up in a Tube'

It's been in storage for decades

(Newser) - Some people forget where they put their keys; others forget they own an Andy Warhol masterpiece that could be worth $10 million. That's how the Daily Beast frames a recent discovery by rock star Alice Cooper, who, for more than 40 years, has had in his keep a silkscreen... More »

Storage Unit Find: Human Organs in Plastic Cups

Guy who bought contents at auction gets nasty surprise

(Newser) - A former medical examiner crudely preserved brains, hearts, and lungs from about 100 people in plastic food containers found inside a storage unit in Florida, authorities said yesterday. A man who bought the contents of the unit at auction last week in Pensacola made the discovery after being overpowered by... More »

Utah Home Searched in Ricin Case

Suburban neighbors evacuated

(Newser) - FBI agents yesterday searched the former Utah home of a man clinging to life after apparent ricin poisoning in his Las Vegas hotel room. Neighbors within a two-block area were evacuated but were later allowed to return to their homes.  Local residents described the man as a mild-mannered, down-on-his-luck... More »

Mobile Servers Save Energy, Add Capacity

Sun packages extra processing power in steel shipping containers

(Newser) - Sun Microsystems has a solution for the booming demand for network space, and as a bonus, it lowers energy use: packing servers into steel shipping containers that can be parked wherever they're needed. It's called Project Blackbox, and Sun says it reduces power consumption by 20%. The giant 20-foot boxes... More »

4 Stories