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Millions of Anchovies Wash Up Near LA

Local authorities mount cleanup before smell worsens

(Newser) - Anchovies are the latest fish to mysteriously die en masse, with millions washing ashore in the harbor of Redondo Beach, near Los Angeles. No one knows what triggered the die-off, though one theory holds that the fish, possibly evading predators, crammed into an area too small to supply enough oxygen,... More »

How to Save the Oceans: Eat Sardines

Overfishing has led to wildly unbalanced ecosystem

(Newser) - Want to help restore the ocean’s severely unbalanced ecoysystem? Develop a taste for anchovies and sardines. A new study shows that a worldwide appetite for smaller, “grazing” fish would do wonders to restore balance after years of overfishing the more popular, and larger, varieties. Humans tend to like... More »

Anchovies Aren't Yucky —They're Magical

(Newser) - Many people quake at the mention of anchovies, but if history is any judge, those people are dead wrong, Howard Yoon writes for NPR. In the past, the fish was “so highly prized that it was used to make a condiment, garum, during the Roman Empire that cost as... More »

Overfishing Could Force You to Hold the Anchovies

UK conservation society puts briny salad-topper on ever-growing list of fish to avoid

(Newser) - Anchovies have made a list of "fish to avoid," the Guardian reports—and not for their salty pungency, but because overfishing has left stocks at unsustainable levels. The UK’s Marine Conservation Society—which ranks fish after assessing biology, stock status, and the impact of the farming or... More »

4 Stories