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Deputy Warned Palins About Troopergate

Official said efforts to fire trooper could embarrass governor

(Newser) - Todd Palin and other aides were warned by state police officials that their push to have a state trooper fired could come back to haunt them, CNN reports. Deputy commissioner of public safety John Glass told a persistent Palin that the trooper had already been disciplined and "discomfort and... More »

Confident Palin: 'You Got to Read the Report'

She says she didn't abuse her power as Alaska governor

(Newser) - Sarah Palin says she did not abuse her power as governor, despite the findings of an ethics investigation, CNN reports. “If you read the report, you will see that there was nothing unlawful or unethical about replacing a cabinet member,” she said. The report, however, did not fault... More »

Palins Piled On Pressure for Trooper's Firing

'Obsessed' pair repeatedly contacted commissioner to slam trooper

(Newser) - Sarah Palin, her husband and officials from the governor's office made dozens of phone calls to Palin's public safety commissioner and his aides denouncing state trooper Mike Wooten, the New York Times reports. Walt Monegan, whose firing Palin claims was unrelated to the matter, says the governor and her husband... More »

Todd Palin: I Did Try to Have Trooper Fired

(Newser) - Todd Palin tried to convince several Alaska officials to support firing a trooper who was divorcing his sister-in-law, reports the Anchorage Daily News. But in a sworn statement, he denies interfering with his wife's job as governor and says he played no role in the firing of a safety commissioner... More »

Office Records Contradict Palin's Troopergate Claims

'Unauthorized' trip by 'rogue' commissioner was OK'd by governor's office

(Newser) - Gov. Sarah Palin's office actually approved a trip to Washington that her lawyers have been offering as evidence of the "rogue mentality" for which her public safety chief was fired, reports ABC News. Documents show that Palin’s chief of staff signed off on Walt Monegan's trip "to... More »

Todd Palin Defies Subpoena

Refuses to testify in Troopergate probe

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's husband will not comply with a subpoena demanding he testify before a panel of Alaska lawmakers investigating Troopergate. He and anyone else who refuses to compy with the subpoena cannot be held in contempt until the full state Senate reconvenes in January—after the presidential election.  More »

Palin Was Warned Over Troopergate

Governor's ethics adviser urged her to apologize

(Newser) - An attorney who acted as an informal ethics adviser to Sarah Palin urged her to apologize for her role in firing Alaska's safety commissioner before it grew into a scandal, the Wall Street Journal reports. "The situation is grave," he wrote shortly before Palin was picked for the... More »

'Troopergate' Cop Regrets Bad Blood With Palins

Ex-brother-in-law thinks Palin nomination is 'great for Alaska'

(Newser) - The Alaska state trooper at the heart of the "Troopergate" scandal dogging Sarah Palin wants to put the whole thing behind him, the Washington Post reports. Mike Wooten said he regrets his mistakes, and is proud to have been part of the Palin family. Palin is under investigation for... More »

Troopergate Continues to Follow Palin

Police union's ethics complaint alleges gov. broke confidentiality

(Newser) - Alaska’s Public Safety Employees Association has filed a complaint against Gov. Sarah Palin, charging she disclosed confidential information about state trooper Mike Wooten in attempts to get him fired, the Anchorage Daily News reports. The union says a Palin aide cited confidential information about Wooten—involved in thorny divorce... More »

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