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CDC: This Is America's Most Sleep-Deprived Group

Half of single moms and 42% of single dads say they don't feel rested most mornings

(Newser) - Sleep problems are widespread in the US, affecting adults and kids alike, but a new survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that single moms not only sleep less than any other demographic, they also have a harder time falling and staying asleep and they are more... More »

Single Men Seek Fatherhood, Partner Optional

Unattached males are choosing solo parenthood over childless lives

(Newser) - The ranks of do-it-alone dads are increasing, and many of these men are becoming single fathers by choice, reports the New York Times. There are no specific statistics, but evidence suggests that both gay and straight single men are increasingly seeking fatherhood. “I absolutely would want a partner, but... More »

2 Stories