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Awkward! Chris Brown-Rihanna Awards Mix-Up

Embarrassed presenter blames BET Awards for confusion

(Newser) - Definitely the most awkward moment at last night's BET Awards: A presenter announced that Chris Brown won the Viewer's Choice award, corrected herself to name Brown's ex-girlfriend Rihanna the actual winner ... and after all that, it turned out Brown was the true winner after all. The presenter—... More »

Rihanna Defends Violent Video

'Man Down' video attacked by advocacy groups

(Newser) - BET is refusing to pull a violent Rihanna music video that has drawn fire from groups including the Parents Television Council. The video for "Man Down" opens with the singer shooting a man in the head. It's later implied that he may have sexually assaulted her. Rihanna defends... More »

Bieber's BET Nom: Good or Bad?

Is Black Entertainment TV just jumping on bandwagon?

(Newser) - Justin Bieber already won over the world’s tween girls, and now he’s scored a BET Award nomination —causing some confusion, considering his “lack of melanin.” But, points out Andreas Hale on , other white artists like Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, and Eminem have... More »

BET Debuts First Sitcom for Somebodies

First original BET scripted series

(Newser) - BET premieres a new cutting-edge sitcom today—the first original scripted series in its 28-year history. Called Somebodies, it's already being compared with Seinfeld, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It's set in Athens, Ga., and stars newcomer Hadjii as Scottie, a character who has been a university student far too... More »

4 Stories