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After Cosby Case, Calif. Ends Statute of Limitations for Rape

New law takes effect next year

(Newser) - The emotional stories of women who say they were sexually assaulted more than a decade ago by Bill Cosby prompted California state lawmakers to approve a bill to eliminate the state's 10-year limit on filing rape and related charges. On Wednesday, Gov. Jerry Brown announced that he has approved... More »

Time to End Rape's Statute of Limitations

For victims, 'it could be everything,' argues lawyer

(Newser) - The felony charges filed against Bill Cosby this week stem from an alleged assault on Jan. 15, 2004, in Pennsylvania. And the timing was no accident: The statute of limitations for rape in the state is 12 years, meaning prosecutors had to move soon or drop the case forever. That... More »

Guy's License Suspended... Over 1981 Ticket

Typo is to blame for Kevin Berry's ordeal

(Newser) - When Kevin Berry was pulled over in Portland recently, he thought he was about to get a speeding ticket. But the officer told him his license had been suspended a few weeks earlier—over a ticket dating back 33 years. "I think it's crazy," Berry tells KATU... More »

DA: We Can't Prosecute Syracuse Sex Abuse Claims

Claims against Bernie Fine credible, but statute of limitations has passed

(Newser) - Bernie Fine will not face state charges related to the sexual abuse allegations against him because the statute of limitations has expired, says the county prosecutor in the case. William Fitzpatrick says that while he can't prosecute the case against the former Syracuse University assistant basketball coach on behalf... More »

Your Polanski Case FAQ

Including the big one—why now?

(Newser) - Scratching your head over this Roman Polanski business? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are some common questions and answers, courtesy of Slate:
  • Why didn’t the French ever arrest the guy? Born in Paris, he's one of their own. France doesn’t have to extradite its
... More »

Court Tosses Ex-Klansman's Conviction in '64 Murders

Statute of limitations for kidnapping had expired, appeals panel rules

(Newser) - A federal appeals court has thrown out last year's conspiracy and kidnapping conviction of an ex-Klansman involved in the murders of two black teens in Mississippi in 1964. Lawyers for James Ford Seale said they will seek to have the 72-year-old cancer patient, who was serving three life sentences, freed... More »

6 Stories