Automotive X Prize

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Very Light, Gas-Powered Car Gets 100mpg

700lb car takes on electric and hybrid models in X-Prize competition

(Newser) - The X-Prize competition for fuel-efficient cars is, as you might expect, dominated by hybrids and electric cars. So the Edison2 Very Light Car stands out. It’s a four-door sedan—the last such car remaining in the competition—and it runs on good old-fashioned gasoline, NPR reports. Developed by a... More »

Contest Offers $25K for Best 'Crazy Green' Scheme

X Prize proposals to be posted on YouTube

(Newser) - The X Prize Foundation is at it again, this time with a new eco-challenge offering $25,000 for the best “crazy green idea” to stop global warming, reports CNET. The organization, famous for its high-stakes engineering contests, is looking for breakthrough ideas in energy and housing. Proposals must be... More »

2 Stories