Lunar X Prize

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After Decade, Lunar X Prize Sets One Final Deadline

Five teams still hoping to reach moon to win $20M prize

(Newser) - It's officially a five-team space race for $20 million, Quartz reports. The X Prize Foundation announced Tuesday that just five teams remain in its 10-year contest to land a private spacecraft on the moon. According to CNET , the Google Lunar X Prize was first announced in 2007, but none... More »

Contest Offers $25K for Best 'Crazy Green' Scheme

X Prize proposals to be posted on YouTube

(Newser) - The X Prize Foundation is at it again, this time with a new eco-challenge offering $25,000 for the best “crazy green idea” to stop global warming, reports CNET. The organization, famous for its high-stakes engineering contests, is looking for breakthrough ideas in energy and housing. Proposals must be... More »

2 Stories