lipstick on a pig

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Quindlen: Time to Get Serious, America

How is an election this crucial so full of lipstick, pigs and likability?

(Newser) - Voters must cut through the fog of spin and take their votes seriously, writes Anna Quindlen in Newsweek. Amid bickering over whose lipstick is on what pig, “Nothing being said has much to do with the future of this country.” A vote, Quindlen urges, is a promise to... More »

This Ain't Your Granddaddy's Lipstick on a Pig

Contrary to Obama aide, phrase is new twist on prettying porky

(Newser) - Whether Barack Obama was taking a rouge-colored swipe at Sarah Palin is debatable, but a staffer’s claim that "lipstick on a pig" is a phrase “older than my grandfather’s grandfather” should raise eyebrows, Ben Zimmer explains on Slate. The phrase has probably only been around since... More »

2 Stories