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Merlot May Have Finally Stomped Its Bad Rap

Sales of the medium-bodied red wines are on the rise

(Newser) - Hearing a lot of buzz about merlot? It's not just because October is International Merlot Month. Sales of the "luxury" medium-bodied red wines made from merlot grapes have increased 5% over the past year, while sales of merlots of $100 or more are up 8% in restaurants, reports... More »

How Does Whole Foods' $3 Wine Actually Taste?

Not bad, according to one reviewer

(Newser) - Two-Buck Chuck has long been a Trader Joe's institution, and now Whole Foods has its own value wine. It's not quite as cheap as the Chuck—Charles Shaw wines go for as low as $1.99—but you can snag the Three Wishes Vineyards offerings for $3. The non-vintage wines... More »

Merlot's Back From the Brink

The economy's lousy, but cheap wine doesn't have to be

(Newser) - Merlot is “a meatloaf kind of wine,” and in a recession, such comforting, cheap stuff ought to be appealing, write Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher in their Wall Street Journal Tastings column. Unfortunately, “most inexpensive Merlot has been really bad for a really long time.” Winemakers... More »

Meet Vintners of Sideways Fame

Hitching Post II owner makes famed wines with ex-fisherman colleague

(Newser) - If you’ve seen the movie Sideways, you likely remember the Hitching Post II: the Santa Barbara County restaurant where Paul Giamatti nervously meets his future love. But even the most dedicated oenophile may not know that Hitching Post owner Frank Ostini and colleague Gray Hartley have been making wine... More »

4 Stories