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He Laughed at Her Plans to Donate $1M. Then She Did It

Genevieve Via Cava's gift will provide scholarships to special education students

(Newser) - Genevieve Via Cava was so frugal that a friend tells CNN she went without the hearing aids she needed. The New Jersey special education teacher died in 2011, but her penny-pinching is now grabbing national headlines thanks to her largesse. Bergen County's Dumont School District in April received a... More »

Teacher Fights Suspension Over Hugging Autistic Child

Cops say they're looking into whether Leo Bennett-Cauchon had other 'victims'

(Newser) - A California special education teacher has spent the last two days protesting outside his employer's administration building after the school district suspended him for hugging a severely autistic 8-year-old boy. Leo Bennett-Cauchon, who was put on paid leave Feb. 3 after admitting to hugging the boy and letting him... More »

Limbaugh 'Retard' Rant 'Crude And Demeaning': Palin

... but doesn't call for firing, as with Rahm Emanuel

(Newser) - Sarah Palin proved today to be a defender of political correctness no matter which side of aisle the assault comes from, ripping Rush Limbaugh for his use of “ retard .” However, while the former Alaska governor, and mother of a special-needs child, “believes crude and demeaning name calling... More »

Supreme Court Sidesteps Major Voting-Rights Ruling

(Newser) - The Supreme Court ruled narrowly today in a challenge to the Voting Rights Act, exempting a small Texas district from a key provision of the law, but side-stepping the larger constitutional issue. The act requires Southern areas with a history of discrimination to get advance federal approval before changing election... More »

Palin: 'I'm Going to Plow Through'

She talks special ed, clothing, sexism in Chicago Trib interview

(Newser) - Sarah Palin focused on people with disabilities and special education in an interview with the Chicago Tribune yesterday, accompanied by her husband Todd and baby Trig. She noted her ticket’s plan to add $3 billion per year for special ed, saying the money will come from “re-prioritizing" the... More »

Insurers Balk at Paying for Autism Therapy

Schools now foot the bill, but advocacy group pressing for change

(Newser) - A national autism advocacy group is pushing insurance companies to pick up the tab for intensive new therapies now footed by local school districts, the Boston Globe reports. They say the rising number of autism cases will swamp school budgets and make it unlikely that kids will get the help... More »

6 Stories