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Stonehenge Holds a 'Sonic Secret'

Some of its bluestones have acoustic properties

(Newser) - There are no shortage of theories about Stonehenge , but few are so melodious as this: A recent study carried out by the Royal College of Art in London suggests that the monument holds a "sonic secret." The researchers' theory surrounds Stonehenge's bluestones, some of which hail from... More »

Stonehenge Rocked as 'Neolithic Lourdes'

New research into 2300 BC stone circle indicates it was place of healing

(Newser) - Two archeologists have discovered evidence indicating that Stonehenge was a kind of "Neolithic Lourdes" pilgrimage destination where people came to be healed, the BBC reports. The researchers also used radiocarbon methods to date the mysterious stone circle in southern England to 2300 BC. Mineral analysis indicates the giant bluestone... More »

2 Stories