Jakobshavn Glacier

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Titanic-Sinking Glacier Hits Record Speed

Greenland ice movement is bad news for sea levels

(Newser) - The glacier that spawned the iceberg that sank the Titanic isn't deliberately trying to send thousands more people to watery graves—but it couldn't be doing much better if it was. Researchers say that as the Arctic warms, Greenland's Jakobshavn glacier has become the fastest-moving glacier in... More »

Glaciers May Vanish in 'Geologic Instant'

Prehistoric glacier's rapid meltdown could happen again: researchers

(Newser) - New data about a prehistoric Canadian glacier that rapidly vanished is giving scientists a stronger model to predict the radical effects of climate change. It's very possible that the same conditions could quickly shrink today's larger ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica, prompting sea levels to soar in a "... More »

Rubber Duckies Tracking Glacier

Bathtub toys to reveal glacier's flow

(Newser) - A key experiment that may help unlock more secrets of global warming involves planting 90 rubber duckies into one of Greenland's fastest moving glaciers, Reuters reports. US scientists are hoping some of the ducks will be found as they emerge into Baffin Bay to help track rate and movement of... More »

3 Stories