Fragile X Syndrome

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Why Kids With Autism Hate Hugs

Delayed brain development linked to 'hug-avoidance'

(Newser) - New research suggests that sensitivity to touch, a common symptom of autism, might be caused by delays in brain development in the womb. The study looked at brain development in mice with Fragile X, a condition closely linked to autism. Researchers found that parts of the brain linked to touch... More »

Autism-Reversing Drugs Show Promise

MIT scientists stumbled onto workaround for misfiring brain system

(Newser) - MIT scientists have discovered one of the mechanisms of Fragile X Syndrome, one cause of autism, and are developing drugs to treat it, NPR reports. The disorder, triggered by a genetic mutation, interferes with the normal links between brain cells, making those networks something like a car without a brakes.... More »

2 Stories