Iraq death toll

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A First: No US Deaths in Iraq in August

Iraqi crackdown, US strikes helped

(Newser) - As the US approaches its end-of-year deadline for withdrawing all troops from Iraq, August saw a milestone: It was the first month since the US-led invasion began in March 2003 that saw no American military deaths. The previous record was one soldier death in December 2010, and a military spokesperson... More »

15K Civilian Deaths Unreported in Iraq

Military logs show US did keep track

(Newser) - More from the analysis of WikiLeaks’ huge file dump: US military logs reveal 15,000 previously unrecorded civilian deaths in Iraq. As reported yesterday , the Iraq war logs show that, despite denying it did so, the US did keep records of Iraqi fatalities. Those fatalities totaled 109,032 between 2004... More »

July Is Iraq's Deadliest Month Since 2008

US disputes official Iraqi toll

(Newser) - July was Iraq's deadliest month in more than two years, according to new official figures, suggesting that a resilient insurgency is successfully taking advantage of the months of political deadlock. The figures released late yesterday show that 535 people were killed last month, the highest since May 2008 when 563... More »

Afghanistan '09 Twice as Deadly as Iraq for US

Military expects further rise in casualties

(Newser) - This has been the first year since the Iraq war began that more Americans troops were killed in Afghanistan than Iraq, and next year is expected to be even worse. Some 319 American troops have died in Afghanistan this year, compared with 148 for Iraq, USA Today reports. More »

In Its First Estimate, Iraq Says 85K Killed Since '04

(Newser) - At least 85,694 Iraqis lost their lives from 2004 to 2008 in violence, the Iraqi government said today in its first comprehensive tally released since the war began. Another 147,195 were wounded during that four-year period, says the Human Rights Ministry. The number includes Iraqi civilians, military, and... More »

US Soldier Held in Iraq Contractor's Shooting Death

Contractor for Houston-based KBR shot to death, died at 8:30am

(Newser) - A US soldier is being held in the shooting death of a civilian contractor in Tikrit, Iraq, reports CNN. Houston-based military contractor KBR said the victim shot to death yesterday at Contingency Operating Base Speicher was an employee. More »

Parade, Jubilation Follow US Pullout of Iraqi Cities

Maliki warns media not to question his forces' abilities

(Newser) - Iraq held its first full military parade since the fall of Saddam today—now known as Sovereignty Day—to celebrate the official withdrawal of US troops from cities and towns. The proceedings took place inside the Green Zone and were screened on television, but several media outlets, including the New ... More »

Car Bomb Kills 15 in Iraq

Explosion in country's south ahead of US withdrawal

(Newser) - A car bomb exploded in the middle of a market district in a Shiite neighborhood of southern Iraq today, killing at least 15 people and injuring dozens of others. The explosion occurred in the town of Bathaa, the scene of fierce battles between Shiite militia factions that had been relatively... More »

Mosul Truck Bomb Kills 5 US Troops

Two Iraqi cops killed, 18 others wounded in deadliest attack of year

(Newser) - A truck filled with explosives crashed into a police headquarters in Mosul today, killing five American soldiers and two Iraqi policemen. The suicide attack was the deadliest single incident involving US troops this year, the AP reports. The chief of operations in Mosul said the policemen were the target, and... More »

Push to Indict Dubya Gets Caffeine Boost

Coffee merchant sends 2,200 Prosecution of Bush books to DAs

(Newser) - A Seattle coffee merchant has sent 2,200 copies of Vincent Bugliosi’s bestselling The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder to DAs whose districts have lost residents to the Iraq war, the Seattle Times reports. The damning book “was the first time in 8 years I had... More »

Pentagon May End Media Ban on War Dead

Policy under review

(Newser) - Robert Gates has asked the Pentagon to review its policy of barring the media from photographing the coffins of military casualties returning to the US from Iraq and Afghanistan, the Washington Post reports. “I think, if the needs of the families can be met and the privacy concerns can... More »

18 Killed in Baghdad Blasts

Green Zone entrance, bus carrying female government workers both hit

(Newser) - A female suicide bomber killed at least five people at the entrance of Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone, and a second bomb killed 13 women traveling on a bus to their government jobs, reports Al Jazeera. The attacks came as Iraqi legislators prepare to vote this week on a security... More »

US Troop Deaths in Iraq Lowest Since War Began

Troops, militants shifting to Afghanistan as America's Iraq strategy succeeds

(Newser) - October is on course to tie July's record for the lowest number of troop deaths in Iraq, USA Today reports. Thirteen US troops have died so far in October in combat and non-combat incidents. For the first time since the war started in 2002, no US troops died in combat... More »

US Death Toll in Iraq Plummets

Iraqi deaths down 75% from this time last year

(Newser) - The monthly US toll in Iraq fell to its lowest point since the war began, with 10 American deaths recorded as July drew to a close today. Iraqis also are dying at dramatically lower numbers in the sixth year of the war. July saw the lowest civilian toll since December... More »

Military Blocks Iraq Casualty Photos

Journalists complain war is being sanitized

(Newser) - Over 4,000 US troops have died in Iraq but only a handful of photographs of dead Americans have reached the media, the New York Times reports. Military regulations do not forbid taking photographs of casualties, but access to death sites is often denied. Photographers who do publish grim images... More »

Suicide Bombers Kill 35 in Iraq

Dozens more wounded in attack on army recruitment center

(Newser) - Two suicide bombers blew themselves up in an Iraqi army recruitment center, killing 35 people and wounding at least 63, the New York Times reports. Most of the dead were recruits. The attack took place in Baquba, the capital of Iraq's ethnically mixed Diyala province. On Sunday the country's interior... More »

Long Journey Home From Iraq

A soldier's remains touches many

(Newser) - One soldier's death reveals more of America's pain more starkly than Iraqi war statistics ever could. So one reporter discovered as he followed the remains of Indiana native son Sgt. Robert Joe Montgomery from a pass near the Tigris to a funeral in Scottsburg, meeting all who suffered along the... More »

May Iraq Death Toll Lowest in 4 Years

(Newser) - The death toll in Iraq plunged in May, with 21 US military dead the lowest monthly figure in more than 4 years. Iraqi civilians and troopers also saw a decline, with 532 deaths in May, compared with 1,080 the month before. But in the absence of lasting political agreements,... More »

General on Funeral Duty: 'Grief Is the Crushing Load'

Officer reflects on sacrifice, survivors

(Newser) - At every funeral for a soldier killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, an Army officer attends, to represent the service and oversee the military rituals involved. Maj. Gen. William Troy has drawn funeral duty 23 times, and for Memorial Day, he writes in the Washington Post about an always-wrenching experience: "... More »

Bombs Kill Dozens in Iraq

35 dead in double wedding blast; US soldier among dead in Baghdad attack

(Newser) - As US forces engaged in heavy fighting in the Mahdi Army's Sadr City today, bombings in Baghdad and Diyala province took the lives of as many as 45 Iraqis and one US soldier, the AP reports. The Diyala bombing, in Balad Ruz, was carried out by two suicide bombers—one... More »

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