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Aussie 'Kangatarians' Jump at New Diet

Converted vegetarians love the taste of free-roaming kangaroos

(Newser) - Some Australian vegetarians have embraced the “ethical and environmental” acceptability of kangaroo meat and are now “kangatarians.” The name was “a bit of a joke initially,” an advocate tells the Telegraph , but the phenomenon is real. Kangaroos run wild, eat naturally, are killed humanely, and... More »

Sure, I'm Vegetarian. Just Not on Thanksgiving

Eat-less-meat movement gaining stride with moderation approach

(Newser) - Sticking to a plant-based diet without denying yourself grandma's pot roast has a name—flexitarian. And whether it's to live longer, save a buck, or because there are better meatless offerings at restaurants, a growing number of Americans are becoming part-time vegetarians, Newsweek reports. "It's not that meat is... More »

2 Stories