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Electoral Vote in Nebraska's 2nd District Still Up for Grabs

Omaha may have to wait a week for results

(Newser) - Nebraska was never a swing state, but its unique system of assigning electoral votes has left it with a surprising question mark after election night. The 2nd Congressional District, which includes Omaha, remains too close to call, with John McCain leading President-elect Barack Obama by 569 votes. And 9,000... More »

If You Don't Know Who This Is, Don't Vote

Uninformed citizens should stay home, unpopular as the sentiment might be

(Newser) - Countless actors, musicians and other celebrities have volunteered their time encouraging young people to vote. But should they? ABC News anchor John Stossel quizzed voters on basic political knowledge at a registration-drive concert and in the nation’s capital. A shockingly high number of uninformed answers led Stossel to the... More »

Voting Could Get Ugly, Warn Watchdogs

Ballot denial, long lines likely in battleground states

(Newser) - With record-shattering turnout anticipated, voter-rights groups predict contentious voting in battleground states, where Republicans are accused of disenfranchising new voters—who are overwhelmingly Democrat. In Florida, a “no match, no vote” standard denies ballots to people whose registration info clashes with government records, an obstacle not unique to that... More »

Dems Win Registration Wars

New swing-state voters look like Obama backers; independents add numbers, too

(Newser) - With voter registration closing in many states today, it appears Barack Obama has largely succeeded in his attempt to make over the electorate, the Washington Post reports. Some 4 million new voters have registered across a dozen battleground states, with new Democrats greatly outnumbering new Republicans. In Florida, Obama has... More »

New Voters Back Obama —if They Turn Out

Poll finds newly registered not motivated

(Newser) - Newly registered voters could be a potent force in the presidential election, and heavily favor Barack Obama over John McCain, 61% to 30%, a new NBC/Wall Street Journal/MySpace poll finds. But getting them to vote may be a challenge, reports the Wall Street Journal. Most are young adults, and just... More »

5 Stories