Operation Baghdad Pups

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Paws Célèbre Land in US

Baghdad pup en route to savior soldier's home

(Newser) - The friendly black mutt credited with helping a soldier survive her tour of duty in Iraq stepped out of a crate, tail wagging, as he arrived in the US yesterday following an international battle over his refugee status. Ratchet was rescued from burning trash in Iraq by soldier Gwen Beberg.... More »

Baghdad Pup Going Home to His Sarge

Army allows Minnesota soldier to keep rescued dog

(Newser) - A dog rescued from almost certain death by soldiers in Baghdad will be reunited with the US Army  sergeant who adopted him. Military regulations had prevented Sgt. Gwen Beberg, 28, from sending the dog, Ratchet, to the US, but yesterday the SPCA was allowed to fly Ratchet to Kuwait on... More »

Soldier Fights to Bring Home Iraq Pup

Sergeant starts petition after Army blocks rescued pup's route home

(Newser) - A sergeant who saved a puppy from a pile of burning trash in Baghdad is fighting to be allowed to bring her beloved pet home, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. An Army officer took 6-month-old Ratchet off a convoy to Baghdad airport where the pooch was to be sent to... More »

Puppy Rescued From Baghdad Had Rabies

National alert follows dog's death; other pets on flight seized

(Newser) - Twenty-four animals flown to the US from Iraq have been taken back from their adoptive homes after the CDC learned a puppy on their flight had rabies, the New York Times reports. The dogs and cats, befriended by troops in Iraq, were vaccinated only days before being exposed to the... More »

4 Stories