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Before Residents Died, Nursing Home Asked Governor for Help

Those messages were deleted off Gov. Rick Scott's cellphone

(Newser) - At least 11 people have died since Hurricane Irma knocked out the air conditioning at their Florida nursing home . Florida Gov. Rick Scott ended funding for The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills and suspended its license in the wake of the deaths. Now CBS Miami reports four voicemail messages left... More »

Dead Woman Had Temp of 109.9 in Nursing Home Tragedy

Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills has had license suspended

(Newser) - As far as euphemisms go, "resting in bed" is an extreme one. That's how a staffer at the Florida nursing home where eight people died after Hurricane Irma knocked out its air-conditioning described an 84-year-old in a entry made in the patient's log—after the patient had... More »

SD Needlessly Dumps Thousands Into Nursing Homes: DOJ

Feds may sue the state

(Newser) - The Justice Department may be gearing up to sue the state of South Dakota after a report released Monday found thousands of people with disabilities that could potentially be managed at home are being relegated to nursing homes or other long-term-care facilities instead, the New York Times reports. This most... More »

Big Problem: Explicit Photos of Nursing Home Residents

Social media may be contributing to a rise in cases

(Newser) - An elderly nursing home resident sits on a toilet with her pants below her knees. A 97-year-old woman is struck lightly in the face with a nylon strap by a nursing home assistant as the woman cries out, "Don't!" Elderly residents of a care facility are coached... More »

We've Got a Choice: Schools or Nursing Homes?

Robert Samuelson doesn't think our economy is strong enough to pay pensions

(Newser) - If anyone tries to tell you that Detroit's bankruptcy is an isolated incident, "don't be fooled," writes Robert Samuelson at the Washington Post . The truth is that for governments across the country, "the scramble for scarce resources is intensifying. Schools compete with nursing homes."... More »

Deadly Nursing Home Fire Caused By Meth Lab

Ohio blaze began in resident's room

(Newser) - Ohio fire officials responding to a routine nursing home fire found a most unusual cause behind the blaze: A secret meth lab in the room of a nursing home resident. The blaze in Ashtabula, Ohio, killed one person and injured five others, investigators say. "When we first started to... More »

Nursing Homes, Big Pharma Overmedicating Seniors

Residents with dementia get antipsychotics, boosting death risk: US report

(Newser) - Nursing homes are treating dementia sufferers with powerful antipsychotics despite FDA advice to the contrary, according to a Health and Human Services report spotted by Pro Publica . The FDA began requiring antipsychotics to carry warning labels in 2005 stating the increased death risk they pose for dementia patients. But 88%... More »

Shocking Facility Elder Abuse Caught on Tape

Hidden camera catchers workers hitting, taunting dementia patient

(Newser) - Three workers at a nursing home in Pennsylvania have been arrested after being caught on tape hitting and mocking an elderly woman who suffers from dementia. Relatives of the 78-year-old woman installed a hidden camera after officials at the home rejected their suspicions that she was being abused, ABC News... More »

Germany OKs Assisted Suicide in Some Cases

Euthanasia with patients' consent permitted, court rules

(Newser) - A German court made a landmark ruling in favor of euthanasia today, overturning the conviction of a lawyer who’d advised a family to cut a comatose relation’s feeding tube. The patient, 71-year-old Erika Kuellmer, had made it clear she didn’t want to be kept alive if she... More »

Can a Robot Seal Really Take Care of Grandma?

Paro raises ethical concerns

(Newser) - Is Paro—the adorable robotic seal designed to comfort the elderly—the best thing to happen to solitary seniors since the Clapper, or a tasteless substitute for human attention? Manufactured in Japan and recently cleared in the US as a Class 2 medical device, the $6,000 robot is intended... More »

Autopsy Shows 100-Year-Old Was Murdered

Nursing home resident Elizabeth Barrow found strangled

(Newser) - A Massachusetts medical examiner has ruled the death of a 100-year-old nursing home patient a homicide by strangulation. Elizabeth Barrow was found dead in her room Sept. 24, with a plastic bag over her head and no obvious signs of struggle, a law enforcement source tells the Standard-Times of New... More »

Journos Sign Shields' Mom Out of Nursing Home

Enquirer accused of looking for scoop

(Newser) - An outraged Brooke Shields says a pair of tabloid reporters hungry for a story checked her mother, a dementia sufferer, out of a nursing home earlier this week, People reports. Shields says police informed her that two National Enquirer reporters posing as her mother's friends signed her out of the... More »

Save Some Outrage for Gun Violence

Wall St. malfeasance is a crisis—but so is shooting epidemic

(Newser) - We look back at witch hunts and slavery with shame and consternation, but after reading about our recent spate of gun violence, future historians will regard us as similarly misguided, Cynthia Tucker writes for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “These mass shootings are a form of madness, but what’s even... More »

NC Gunman's Wife Worked at Rampage Scene

(Newser) - The wife of the man charged with killing 8 yesterday worked at the North Carolina nursing home he chose for his murderous rampage, the New York Times reports. Local police said gunman Robert Stewart was likely separated from Wanda Luck, but declined to say if she was in the building... More »

After 14 Years, NJ Alzheimer's Patient Identified

Can now be moved to nursing home from psychiatric hospital

(Newser) - A long-unidentified woman with Alzheimer’s who has spent the past 14 years in New Jersey psychiatric hospitals finally has a name—and may now be moved to a nursing home, the Newark Star-Ledger reports. A suspected illegal immigrant before she was identified, Elba Leonor Diaz Soccaras, 74, was ineligible... More »

Feds Slam Nursing Homes for '1-Star' Care

(Newser) - Rife with mistreated patients and poor conditions, nearly one quarter of US nursing homes received 1 out of 5 stars in a new Washington rating program. “The conditions described are grim and, at times, deadly,” Sam Roe writes in the Chicago Tribune of Illinois’ one-star homes. Cold food,... More »

Elderly Trapped in Houses That Won't Sell

Lack of buyers forces frail elderly to postpone plans for assisted living

(Newser) - The collapse of the housing market has left many elderly people marooned in their own homes, the New York Times reports. Retirement communities require hefty down payments that many elderly were expecting to raise by selling their homes. With no buyers out there, frail people requiring daily care are stuck... More »

The Battle to Get Elderly Back on Their Feet After Falls

Falls treated as complicated medical events instead of routine part of getting old

(Newser) - Falling and breaking a hip is so common among the elderly it's been considered an inevitable sign of aging, but medical experts have now developed complex protocols to both prevent and treat breaks that often trigger a spiral of decline, the New York Times reports. Even minor falls "need... More »

Court: Cops Wrong to Tape Man's Sex With Comatose Wife

Privacy law violated in sexual assault case

(Newser) - A Wisconsin court today threw out evidence against a man police videotaped having sex with his comatose wife in her nursing-home room, the AP reports, arguing that authorities violated his constitutional rights. The court ruled that David Johnson, 59, who’s been charged with felony sexual assault, had an expectation... More »

Antipsychotic Drugs Triple Health Risks in Elderly

Dementia research finds even brief use is dangerous

(Newser) - Elderly dementia patients given antipsychotic drugs, even briefly, are three times as likely to end up hospitalized or dead within a month, new research has found. The study looked at 40,000 elderly Canadians, half of them in nursing homes, and found that the drugs increased the risk of... More »

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