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Wal-Mart Takes on Amazon in Book Price War bid to become biggest online retailer

(Newser) - Good news for readers, but maybe not for the publishing industry: Wal-Mart has launched an aggressive price war against Amazon. The retailer is slashing the online price of 10 big-buzz books to $9 each. The company initially cut the price to $10, then lowered it further after Amazon quickly matched... More »

10 Writers Who Turn Books Into Bucks

Top earner JK Rowling made $300 million off Potter franchise in past year

(Newser) - So you think people don't read books anymore? Tell that to JK Rowling, No. 1 on Forbes' list of top-earning authors. The woman behind the Harry Potter juggernaut raked in $300 million in the past year, thanks in part to the movies based on her books—which have sold 375... More »

2 Stories