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Obama OKs Nuclear Deal With Vietnam

The '123 agreement' lets US firms into Vietnam's nuclear market

(Newser) - President Barack Obama has approved an agreement for civilian nuclear cooperation between the US and Vietnam in a sign of deepening ties between the former foes. The US and Vietnamese governments reached agreement in October. Congress now has 90 days to review it. If lawmakers do nothing, the deal will... More »

US Agrees to Afghan Aid for 10 More Years

Sides agree on broad outlines of future relationship

(Newser) - The US and Afghanistan have at last agreed on the broad contours of a strategic partnership agreement outlining their relationship after US troops leave in 2014. In it, the US pledges to continue providing support for the Afghan government for another ten years, the New York Times reports. The exact... More »

Hillary's Wrong: Bush, Israel Agreed on Settlements

Sharon talks resulted in "understandings": Abrams

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton said last week that the Bush administration hadn’t made any “informal or oral agreements” on Israel settlements, but that’s simply not true, writes Bush adviser Elliott Abrams in the Wall Street Journal. In fact, talks between the administration and Israel’s then-PM resulted in Ariel... More »

US to Sign Nuclear Pact With UAE

Some fear move could help fuel Iran's nuclear ambitions

(Newser) - The White House is set to sign a nuclear cooperation agreement with the United Arab Emirates—a move some fear could put nuclear materials in the hands of Iran, the UAE’s top trading partner. The Bush administration’s first such pact with a Middle Eastern country would mean sharing... More »

Bollywood Strike Over; Talent Prevails

(Newser) - The 2-day-old strike involving almost 150,000 Bollywood film workers has been settled, the BBC reports. Producers agreed to abide by an agreement that limits filming sessions to 12 hours and provides generous compensation and timely payment. "The strike is over and tomorrow we will resume work," the... More »

5 Stories