Yom Kippur

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Station Picks Nazi Symbol to Go With Yom Kippur Report

Chicago's WGN is 'extremely embarrased' for 'offensive image'

(Newser) - For a news report last night commemorating Yom Kippur, a Chicago TV station selected a Star of David as accompanying artwork—except someone picked the absolute worst one possible, USA Today reports. As the anchor talked about the holiday during the broadcast, a graphic appeared of a yellow star with... More »

Crocs Too Comfy for Yom Kippur: Rabbi

Sandals don't inflict sufficient suffering for holiday, religious leader rules

(Newser) - A Lithuanian rabbi has ruled that Crocs should not be worn during Yom Kippur because the sandals are too comfortable, Ynet news reports. Rabbi Elyashiv based his judgment on a prohibition against leather sandals, saying they were banned because they fail to provide an appropriate level of suffering for the... More »

Riots in N. Israeli City Mar Yom Kippur

Jews set upon Arab for driving his car, igniting violence

(Newser) - The Israeli city of Acre descended into rioting today after a group of Jewish youths attacked an Arab man who was driving on Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement. The young men allegedly shouted anti-Muslim epithets at the driver before several younger Arabs came to his defense. As news... More »

3 Stories