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MLK's Kids Battle Over His Nobel, Bible

Sons want them sold, daughter does not

(Newser) - That Martin Luther King Jr.'s children are fighting over his estate is nothing new . But it's come to this: The civil rights leader's Nobel Peace Prize and Bible will soon be locked in a safety deposit box, with the key being held by Fulton County Superior... More »

MLK's Kids Bicker Over Spielberg Biopic

Siblings plan to fight Dexter King's sale of movie rights to their father's life

(Newser) - The sale of the movie rights to Martin Luther King Jr.'s life has revived the feud among his three surviving children, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Martin Luther King III and Bernice King say their brother Dexter—chief executive of the King estate—only informed them of the plans for... More »

Spielberg Snags MLK Movie Rights

(Newser) - The first authorized biopic of Martin Luther King Jr. will be a Steven Spielberg production. The filmmaker's DreamWorks studio has obtained the rights from King's family, NPR reports. No word yet on whether Spielberg himself will direct or who will play the main role (Denzel? Jamie Foxx?). King’s children... More »

MLK's Kids Fight Over Letters

Judge orders Bernice to bring unpublished papers to court

(Newser) - Legal battles among Martin Luther King Jr's children drag on, this time over who gets mom and dad's unpublished correspondence. Yesterday, a judge ordered youngest daughter Bernice, the administrator of Coretta Scott King's estate, to bring to court letters and photos that sit at the heart of a disputed $1.... More »

4 Stories