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Now Blowing Up YouTube: Secret Nuclear Test Footage

The films are being preserved by a weapons physicist before they decay

(Newser) - The US government has about 10,000 films of the 221 atmospheric nuclear tests conducted between 1945 and 1962, covering the destructive power from all sorts of angles and distances, Business Insider reports. But until recently those films were literally rotting away in top-secret storage. Gregg Spriggs, a weapons physicist... More »

Radioactive Bloom Over Europe Sparks Nuke Test Concerns

But it was probably just a pharmaceutical accident

(Newser) - As mysterious radiation spread over the Arctic and south into Europe last month, conspiracy theorists quickly claimed Russia had restarted nuclear testing at Novaya Zemlya, the Drive reports. But the truth is—probably—a lot less menacing. According to the Independent Barents Observer , a spike in the radioactive isotope Iodine-131... More »

Quake Was North Korea's Biggest Nuclear Test Yet

Pyongyang says it has reached 'higher level'

(Newser) - In what Seoul called an act of "fanatic recklessness," North Korea carried out its biggest nuclear test yet early Friday, angering allies and enemies alike. The test registered as a 5.3-magnitude quake; Middlebury Institute expert Jeffrey Lewis tells Reuters that signals a blast of up to 30... More »

North Korea Ups Activity at Nuke Site, Says South

Obama set to visit South Korea Friday

(Newser) - North Korea is boosting "activities" at its Punggye-ri nuclear test site, South Korea says, though Seoul is keeping details classified. The South says it's "currently detecting a lot of activity in and around the Punggye-ri nuclear test site," and is tracking the situation as it ensures... More »

North Korea Threatens 'New Form' of Nuke Test

And accuses the UN of hypocrisy over ballistic-missile testing

(Newser) - Having tried out mid-range ballistic missiles in recent weeks, North Korea said today it may conduct a "new form" of nuclear test, the New York Times reports. Pyongyang officials didn't clarify, but the US and its allies have long thought North Korea wants to build small, sophisticated nuclear... More »

S. Korea: OK, Maybe North Isn't Plotting New Test

Beijing losing patience with Pyongyang

(Newser) - Tensions on the Korean peninsula eased marginally today after South Korean officials backed off earlier reports that Pyongyang was getting ready for another missile test. A top official told reporters that he had misspoken when he said there was an "indication" that another test was imminent , and had been... More »

Watchdog Finds No Trace of North Korea's Nuke Test

Says it's unlikely to find a 'smoking gun' at this point

(Newser) - Plutonium or uranium: Which was the fissile material North Korea used in last month's nuclear test ? We may never know, says a nuclear watchdog agency. The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization hasn't found any "smoking gun" radioactive traces yet, and acknowledges that "it is... More »

North Korea Scraps Armistice, Cuts Hotline as War Games Begin

UN will today look at North Korea's appalling human rights record

(Newser) - North Korea today "completely scrapped" the armistice that held a tenuous peace on the peninsula for six decades, reports the Washington Post , even as American and South Korean troops began the large-scale military drills Pyongyang had warned them to abandon. The North is playing up its unpredictability, saying in... More »

North Korea's New Video Burns Obama, Troops

Video game theme accompanies images of troops on fire

(Newser) - Just in case North Korea's propaganda video of the US in flames left anybody in doubt about Pyongyang's feelings toward America, a sequel now shows President Obama and American troops in flames. The video—which plays the theme music from the videogame Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion—ends with... More »

North Korea Performs 3rd Nuke Test

Obama: Time for 'swift action'

(Newser) - In open defiance of the UN, North Korea has executed its third nuclear test, prompting global condemnation among leaders from the US to Russia to Japan. The latest test involved a "miniaturized and lighter nuclear device with greater explosive force than previously" in 2006 and 2009, the country said.... More »

N. Korea May Be Prepping Twin Nuke Tests

Satellite images show pair of completed tunnels

(Newser) - New intelligence reports suggest North Korea is planning not one, but two nuclear tests in the near future. Satellite images show activity at two tunnels at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site, with preparations apparently completed at both, a South Korean government source tells the Chosun Ilbo . "There is a... More »

S. Korea, US Troops Begin Drills as Nuke Test Looms

Pyongyang believed to be ready to carry out 3rd test

(Newser) - South Korean and US troops began naval drills today in a show of force partly directed at North Korea amid signs that Pyongyang will soon carry out its third atomic test . The US, South Korea, and other countries have urged North Korea to scrap its test plans or face grave... More »

Why Some US Leaders Want a North Korea Nuke Test

May offer much-needed glimpse at Pyongyang's capabilities

(Newser) - A North Korean nuclear test sounds 100% bad, right? Not according to some US intelligence officials, who the New York Times reports would like to see it happen. Their reasoning is simple: A test would offer a rare opportunity to assess Pyongyang's nuclear advancements. It's been years since... More »

North Korea to Military: 'Be Ready for a War'

Satellite images indicate nuclear test could come in days

(Newser) - North Korea is stepping up its saber rattling yet again, placing the country under martial law in the run-up to an imminent nuclear weapon test, reports the Korea JoongAng Daily . North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un reportedly gave six orders at an emergency meeting last Saturday, including that "... More »

North Korea: Next Nuke Test Will Target US

Country 'technically ready' for test: South Korea

(Newser) - After threatening new nuclear tests amid heightened sanctions yesterday, North Korea is getting more specific: Those tests will target the US, its "sworn enemy," the country says. "We are not disguising the fact that the various satellites and long-range rockets that we will fire and the high-level... More »

Irate North Korea Suggests New Nuke Test Is Coming

And there's no possibility of denuclearization talks

(Newser) - The UN Security Council unanimously passed a resolution yesterday expanding sanctions against North Korea as punishment for its December rocket launch , and Pyongyang did not take the news lying down. It responded angrily today by promising to strengthen its nuclear weapons program and suggesting it would carry out a third... More »

North Korea Eyes Nuke Test as Satellite Orbits Normally

Pyongyang unveils photos of launch as world slams the move

(Newser) - Despite initial reports that North Korea's successfully launched rocket was "tumbling out of control," South Korea now says that it's orbiting normally, though what the space vehicle's purpose is or if it's functioning remains unclear, reports Fox News . Meanwhile, the world is lining up... More »

North Korea Could Test Nukes Within Weeks: Study

Could conduct two explosions at once: authors

(Newser) - Just two weeks from now, North Korea could be ready for its first nuclear test since 2009, experts find in a study. In satellite photos, Pyongyang appears to have a tunnel prepared to handle such an explosion, which could help leaders save face after a failed missile launch, according to... More »

China to North Korea: Don't You Dare Test That Nuke

Beijing is suddenly worried about environmental damage

(Newser) - Someone get Alanis Morissette on the phone: China is suddenly hot and bothered about the environment. Yes, Beijing is urging annoying little brother North Korea not to go through with its third nuclear test , because it's worried about damaging the Changbai Mountain region, particularly radiation that might leak out,... More »

North Korea Digging Tunnel for Nuke Test: Seoul

And piles of dirt at the Punggye-ri site indicate it could happen soon

(Newser) - North Korea looks to be preparing a third nuclear test, the AP reports: New photos show work on an underground tunnel—at the site of two earlier such tests—is nearly finished, say South Korean intelligence officials. "North Korea is covertly preparing for a third nuclear test, which would... More »

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