Charles de Gaulle

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3 Veiled Women Barred From Entering France

Saudis sent back to Doha after refusing to lift niqabs for border control

(Newser) - Three Saudi women who refused to removed their face veils when they arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport were barred entry into France and sent back home. Border police asked the women to lift their niqabs so they could ascertain their identity when they arrived from Doha, Qatar, reports Al... More »

France to Rejoin NATO

(Newser) - Nicolas Sarkozy intends to bring France back into the NATO fold, ending 40 years of self-imposed exile, the BBC reports. But the decision, which the French president is expected to confirm tomorrow, may not go over well. The French treasure their “independence” from NATO, and critics say the move... More »

Jackie's Charm Sparked US Visit by Mona Lisa

First lady persuaded French to loan painting, boost our culture

(Newser) - Jackie Kennedy executed a diplomatic coup in 1962, when she convinced the smitten French culture minister to send the Mona Lisa on a perilous journey. The painting's visit to the US—"then regarded as a country with hardly any culture at all," in the words of one historian—... More »

3 Stories