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Study Finds We Might Owe Microsoft Our Children

Because nobody reads or understands the terms of service before agreeing

(Newser) - If Facebook or Apple ever turns truly evil, we might be in big trouble, apparently. A study published last week found that almost nobody reads online terms of service agreements—and even fewer understand them. Ars Technica reports 543 college students signed up for a fake social networking site called... More »

You Should Force Your Kids to Study Privacy Policies

Just like we force them to buckle their seatbelts: Nicole Wong

(Newser) - We teach our children about "stranger danger" and how to avoid untrustworthy people—so we should also teach them how to avoid untrustworthy technology. That's why Nicole Wong, a former deputy CTO at the White House and lawyer who's drafted "scores" of privacy policies over two... More »

How to 'Divorce' Google

One year on, Tom Henderson reveals how it's going for him

(Newser) - When Google's controversial privacy policy went live, Tom Henderson "divorced" the company. A year later, he writes in ITworld , things are going just fine. "I'm in a much happier place. It can be done." Here's how he did it:
  • He uses the DuckDuckGo search
... More »

Google's New Privacy Policy Is Live

What you can do about it

(Newser) - Google's new privacy policy, which Internet activists are not happy about , takes effect today—despite the fact that the EU has warned Google the changes might violate European law. France's privacy watchdog asked Google to delay rolling out the new policy, but Google refused, the BBC reports. Data... More »

Groupon Is Watching You

Site will start collecting sharing more user data

(Newser) - Beware, bargain hunter: Groupon is looking over your shoulder. The daily deals site announced yesterday that it will collect and share more information about its users, in a move sure to attract the attention of federal regulators and privacy advocates. Also announced in the privacy policy changes: Groupon will market... More »

Canada Says Facebook Breaks Privacy Laws

(Newser) - Facebook suffers from "serious privacy gaps" and must become more transparent about how personal information is handled to comply with the law, says a government watchdog in Canada. The report by the country's privacy commissioner marks the first time a government has found Facebook to be acting illegally, reports... More »

Watchdog Wants More Privacy From Google

Incognito mode should be default setting on Chrome browser

(Newser) - Nonprofit Consumer Watchdog is urging Google to make the “incognito” setting—which can limit the search giant’s ability to pin down users’ locations and keep tabs on their search and other data—the default mode on its new Chrome browser, Chris Thompson writes in the Big Money. It... More »

You Can't Afford to Read the Fine Print

Actually reading online privacy policies would cost $365B per year

(Newser) - No one bothers to read websites' online privacy policies. But if Americans did—just once a year for each site they visit—it would take 200 hours per person, amounting to $365 billion worth of lost time, Ars Technica reports. That may all be theoretical, but the researchers behind the... More »

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