University of St. Andrews

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New Planet Expected to Crash and Burn

It defies laws of physics

(Newser) - Scientists in the UK have discovered a planet that defies the laws of physics, the Independent reports. WASP-18b, which is orbiting a star 1,000 light years from Earth, is so big and close to the sun that it should be pulled toward it. "The spin of the star... More »

Forget Syllabi; Booze Fest Kicks Off St. Andrews' Year

At Prince William's alma mater Raisin Weekend a time of nudity, debauchery

(Newser) - If only these medieval walls could talk. Scotland's oldest university is seeping with tradition, but perhaps none as unexpected as Raisin Weekend, a two-day hazing festival with unclear roots that encourages "academic mothers" to booze up their "children"—who are then escorted to parties and, sometimes, into... More »

2 Stories