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Taxpayers May Get 40% Stake in New Citi Deal

Bank proposes converting public bucks into common stock

(Newser) - Fearing further losses, Citigroup is negotiating with the government to convert part of the public's $45 billion investment in Citi from preferred to common stock, which could give the US up to 40% of the bank at no additional cost. Such a move would boost the bank's capital portfolio while... More »

Academics Laud Bank Plan

Econ professors say capital infusion best option

(Newser) - The Treasury gets gold stars for finally recapitalizing collapsing banks, with the Wall Street Journal reporting on reactions from economics professors:
  • Barry Eichengreen, UC Berkeley: "I would give it an A- for quality but lower the final grade to a C for lateness."
  • Kenneth Rogoff, Harvard: "Thank
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2 Stories