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Coke Shakes Things Up in Face of Declining Sales

Get used to seeing a lot more red

(Newser) - Diet Coke fans may soon be seeing red. That's because, as BuzzFeed reports, Coca-Cola is redesigning its bottles and cans to make "Coca-Cola Red," the color most associated with Original Coke, more prominent for Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and whatever Coke Life is. For example, the new... More »

Facebook Redesign: Photo-Heavy, Mobile-Friendly

Zuckerberg promises 'personalized newspaper' experience

(Newser) - Facebook officially revealed its new design today, a visual and in some ways functional overhaul designed, in Mark Zuckerberg's words, to "give people the best personalized newspaper we can." What does that mean? Well:
  • The first thing you'll notice when it arrives is that photos have
... More »

MySpace Gets Another Reboot

Radical refresh offers new look, more Facebook and Twitter integration

(Newser) - You're not going to believe this, but MySpace still exists. This week, the once-mighty social network showed off a radical redesign in the hopes of halting its ongoing slide toward oblivion. "We're hard at work building a new MySpace, entirely from scratch," its webpage boasted, calling... More »

USA Today Unveils Big Redesign

Website, print edition looking to draw more advertisers

(Newser) - Things are changing over at 30-year-old USA Today, which will launch a major redesign of its newspaper tomorrow and its website on Saturday, reports AdAge . Both will become more colorful and modern-looking (read: more like a mobile app), but the changes aren't just for the readers. Gannett wants to... More »

National Mall's $700M Plan: Skating, Theater, Gardens

'Overused' lawn set for major renovations

(Newser) - The National Mall is getting a serious facelift: Soon, we'll be going skating, watching outdoor theater, and exploring vibrant gardens in America's so-called "front yard." The $700 million project will mark a big change from the "overused" grass currently between the Lincoln Memorial and Capitol... More »

MySpace's New Look Mimics Facebook

Site in the midst of a major overhaul

(Newser) - MySpace has a new look that’s, well, sort of familiar. The site has revamped its homepage, featuring a “wider and more prominent” stream of updates from your friends, crowned by a “What do you want to share?” prompt and flanked by recommendations of activities, events, and people... More »

Legions Gripe About Latest Facebook Revamp

New 'Live Feed' not a hit with users

(Newser) - Facebook’s latest design change seems pretty minor, but that hasn’t stopped users from grousing about it. Lots of protest groups have already cropped up, most notably “PLEASE GIVE US OUR OLD NEWS FEED BACK!” which already boasts 490,000 members and counting. In case you didn’... More »

Designer Fixing Barbie's .... Cankles?

Louboutin thinks the doll's ankles are too fat

(Newser) - A Christian Louboutin makeover of the Barbie doll is going further than just the clothes. “He found her ankles were too fat,” said a Louboutin spokeswoman. At least one of his dolls should be ready for the next Cannes film festival in May, Women's Wear Daily reports. "... More »

Facebook Lite Is Twitteresque, and That's Good

Pages are easier to read and faster to load, but that may not survive advertising

(Newser) - As far as Facebook is concerned, the “liter” the better, writes Rafe Needleman for CNET. The site’s scaled-down “Lite” version is now available in the US and India, and the "new layout feels simpler and faster, almost Twitter-like.” Gone is “most of the navigation... More »

Users Push Facebook to Tweak Redesign

Backlash prompts changes to unpopular new features

(Newser) - Facebook is giving its redesign a redesign in response to a chorus of user complaints, the Wall Street Journal reports. Users griped that the Twitter-like real-time feed featured in the new format was crowding out the information they really wanted to see. A company blog acknowledged the negative feedback and... More »

New Mac Notebooks Weigh Less, Do More, Cost Same

iPhone style trackpad and better graphics cards spurred by consumer input

(Newser) - Steve Jobs rolled out redesigns of Apple’s MacBook line today, adding many desired features such as iPhone-type trackpads and better video cards, Ars Technica reports. A new entry into the line of flat-panel monitors was also unveiled. Though prices remain the same for each laptop (except the entry-level MacBook),... More »

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