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Outrage Over United Incident Spreads to China

Some call for United boycott over what they see as discrimination against Asians

(Newser) - A set of viral videos showing an Asian man being forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight over the weekend has prompted plenty of outrage in the US, but there's been overseas reaction, too—specifically in China, CNBC reports. A passenger who took one of the videos of the... More »

Kendall Jenner's 'Tone-Deaf' Pepsi Ad Not Going Over Well

Twitter doesn't take kindly to demonstrators' issues being diffused with cans of cola

(Newser) - "Live Bolder. Live Louder. Live for Now" may be the slogan Pepsi wanted everyone to remember from its new ad starring Kendall Jenner, but the phrases actually being bandied about include "shallow," "cringeworthy," and "tone deaf." The nearly three-minute video was posted Monday... More »

Control-Freak Apple Headed for Backlash

No longer an upstart, Apple needs more openness to succeed long-term

(Newser) - Steve Jobs' Apple has gone from underdog geek favorite to the No. 2 company in the world (behind petro-behemoth Exxon Mobil), and the new big dog is facing some backlash for its control-freak ways and "highly closed" approach. Apple's stranglehold is giving app developers, publishers, and service providers fits,... More »

What Outrage? Privacy-Busting Facebook Hits 500M Users

Site welcomes 500 millionth user

(Newser) - Facebook spent the last six months pissing off users , and what do they get? More users! Though the social network sparked outrage by changing its privacy settings and appropriating user data , Zuckerberg & Co. are stronger than ever, writes Ryan Tate on Gawker , noting that yesterday the site welcomed... More »

Hey, Women: Stop Hating Tina Fey

Remember, she's a comedian—not a professional feminist

(Newser) - As the laws of gravity have taught us, the Tina Fey backlash was inevitable—Rebecca Traister actually expected it when the comedian started “appearing on every magazine cover shy of Horse & Hound”—and it’s now, quite suddenly, here in full force. But her pack of haters... More »

In Bailout Fight, Team Obama Fears Backlash

Prez could be seen as bank 'advocate,' sparking anger

(Newser) - The Obama administration is getting more and more nervous about the possibility of a populist backlash, as anger toward the institutions at the heart of the financial crisis swells, the New York Times reports. That anger may be aimed at anyone linked to Wall Street—including the government that’s... More »

Hey, Obama: Centrist Opposition Is Stirring

(Newser) - Be careful, President Obama. Your poll numbers are high, but political danger lurks, writes Fred Barnes in the Weekly Standard. The moderate candidate has shifted left as president, just as Bill Clinton did to his own detriment, and an "embryonic" centrist-right opposition is stirring. “Obama may be fostering... More »

'Magic Negro' Flap May Help GOP Pol

RNC members rally against outrage over tasteless satire

(Newser) - When a conservative politician is called racist, expect a backlash. The fracas over Chip Saltsman’s distribution of the song “Barack the Magic Negro” in his campaign to be Republican National Committee chairman has, as per usual, caused compatriots to flock to his defense, Politico reports, and may actually... More »

Family Guy Has Worn Thin

(Newser) - Family Guy is back and bigger than ever, and creator Seth Macfarlane is rolling in money, influence, and spinoffs. Sounds like just the right time for a major backlash, Natasha Vargas-Cooper writes for Radar. “Just a few years after thousands of American tastemakers demanded Family Guy be resuscitated from... More »

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