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Pro Wrestler Arrested

Rich Swann is being held on battery and false imprisonment charges

(Newser) - Wrestler Rich Swann is being held without bail in a Florida jail after he was arrested and charged with battery and false imprisonment. Swann, who is 26 and a former WWE cruiserweight champion, was arrested Saturday, per the AP . According to Gainesville Police, Swann was arguing with his wife, who... More »

Smashing Pumpkins Singer Reboots Wrestling's NWA

'Wrestling needs to get younger,' Billy Corgan says

(Newser) - Billy Corgan is set to reboot the National Wrestling Alliance, founded in 1948 and the once proud stomping grounds of Ric Flair and other wrestling legends, the AP reports. Up first, the main event: NWA champion Tim Storm defends the belt against British star Nick Aldis on Sunday at a... More »

Legendary WWE Commentator Dead at 73

Iconic manager, commentator had battled cancer

(Newser) - Legendary World Wrestling Entertainment manager and commentator Bobby "The Brain" Heenan died Sunday at age 73, reports ESPN , which calls Heenan "one of the most renowned managers and commentators in the history of professional wrestling." A cause of death hasn't been confirmed, but Heenan had been... More »

Pro Wrestlers Sue Over Brain Injuries, Too

Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka is among those going after the WWE

(Newser) - Add pro wrestlers to those suing their former employer over brain injuries suffered on the job. More than 50 retired wrestlers—including Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka—filed suit against World Wrestling Entertainment on Monday, reports Reuters . Other big plaintiff names from wrestling's early days are Joseph Laurinaitis, 55, known... More »

Ex-WWE Star Bret Hart Fights 'Toughest Battle': Cancer

Says he'll 'wage fearsome fight' against prostate cancer

(Newser) - The ex-professional wrestler known to his fans as "The Hitman" has just taken a hit of his own. Bret Hart has prostate cancer, he told fans in an Instagram post Monday, and he says he'll be having surgery within days, ESPN reports. "Mark Helprin wrote: 'We... More »

Death In the Ring Rattles Mexico's Lucha Libre

Perro Aguayo's death sent shock waves through wrestling

(Newser) - On the night of March 20, 2015, legendary Mexican wrestler Pedro “Perro” Aguayo Jr. took part in a four-man match in Tijuana that would end his 20-year career … and his life . In a sprawling feature in Playboy , Thomas Golianopoulos recounts Aguayo's career and explores the impact his... More »

'Rowdy' Roddy Piper Dead at 61

He died in his sleep

(Newser) - His parents named him Roderick George Toombs, but the world came to know him as "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. The wrestling legend died last night in his sleep of cardiac arrest, reports TMZ . Piper is a World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer who was one of its biggest stars in... More »

Wrestling Legend Dusty Rhodes Dead at 69

RIP 'American Dream'

(Newser) - One of professional wrestling's earliest and most colorful stars is gone: Dusty Rhodes, known as the "American Dream," died at age 69 at a hospital in Orlando, Fla., after taking a fall in his home, reports TMZ . His real name was Virgil Runnels. In announcing his death,... More »

Ex-WWE Wrestler Found Dead of Apparent Suicide

43-year-old Sean O'Haire was known for his mysterious 'Devil's Advocate' character

(Newser) - Just months after losing the Ultimate Warrior , WWE has lost another of its own. Sean O'Haire, a 43-year-old former professional wrestler best known for his dark "Devil's Advocate" character, died Monday of an apparent suicide in South Carolina, E! Online reports. According to police reports seen by... More »

Ultimate Warrior’s Cause of Death: Massive Heart Attack

No toxicology results yet, but death listed as 'natural'

(Newser) - Ultimate Warrior, the wrestling icon who collapsed and died last week just after his return to the WWE, suffered a massive heart attack, Radar reports. The medical examiner's office listed his cause of death as "natural," due to heart disease, but will still conduct a death investigation.... More »

Wrestling Icon 'Ultimate Warrior' Dead at 54

James Brian Hellwig collapsed outside hotel

(Newser) - The Ultimate Warrior was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Saturday, appeared at WrestleMania XXX on Sunday, and on Monday, he appeared on Monday Night Raw for the first time in years. Yesterday he died unexpectedly, at the age of 54. "Every man's heart one day beats... More »

John Oliver Takes on WWE's Immigration Heel

With a little assist from Mick Foley

(Newser) - Immigration is a big issue for John Oliver—given that he is himself an immigrant—so when he heard that villainous WWE manager Zeb Colter had complained of "foreigners sneaking across our borders like rats in the streets," he got a little offended. But when he saw a... More »

Wrestling's Dark Side Dogs McMahon Run

Did McMahons cut too many corners in building WWE?

(Newser) - Linda McMahon, GOP Senate hopeful in Connecticut , vows to bring the "real world experience" of running the wrestling powerhouse WWE to the political arena. Though politics and stunt fighting may seem an amusingly apt fit, the New York Times reports that McMahon's spectacularly successful empire has a seriously dark... More »

Wrestlers Smack Down McMahon Senate Run

WWE offered no health insurance, made sport seedy, scandal-ridden

(Newser) - A raft of former WWE wrestlers hope some well-aimed punches at ex-CEO Linda McMahon will send her Senate campaign to the mat. In addition to not providing health coverage—the wrestlers are independent contractors—they fault McMahon, a Connecticut Republican running for Chris Dodd's seat, for coarsening the spectacle. "... More »

Wrestling Dynamo Captain Lou Dead at 76

Manager's celebrity helped wrestling crossover to the mainstream

(Newser) - “Captain” Lou Albano, a professional wrestler who also enjoyed success as a mainstream entertainer, died today at 76. Starting in the late '50s as one-half of tag team “the Sicilians,” Albano’s wrestling career spanned four decades. With his signature look—Hawaiian shirt, rubber-band goatee—and a... More »

GOP Lukewarm on Wrestling CEO's Senate Bid

McMahon has money to burn, but may not be able to unseat Dodd

(Newser) - With Linda McMahon eying him as the ultimate takedown of her takedown-filled career, Sen. Chris Dodd has reason to be nervous. The former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment has sharp business acumen, star power—and, perhaps most significantly, $30 million she’s willing to spend to wrest his Connecticut Senate... More »

WWE Offers Kanye $10M to Get Into Ring

West would have to do some 'light wrestling,' sources say

(Newser) - World Wrestling Entertainment has offered Kanye West nearly $10 million to step into the ring, sources tells The rapper, swamped by a wave of disastrous publicity following his award-show interruption of country star Taylor Swift, would be on the hook for some “light wrestling” in three events... More »

Wrestling CEO Linda McMahon to Run for Senate

Says Chris Dodd has 'lost his way and our trust'

(Newser) - In an announcement sure to inspire a barrage of “stepping into the ring” cracks, Linda McMahon, wife of Vince McMahon and until now CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, is seeking the Republican nomination to take on Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, the Hartford Courant reports. McMahon promised to be “... More »

Rourke Will Wrestle Off-Screen

Actor will take his Wrestler character to WrestleMania 25

(Newser) - Mickey Rourke will take his character from The Wrestler to the off-screen world of pro wrestling, Wrestling Online reports. Rourke will appear at WrestleMania 25 in Houston on April 5, challenging star Chris Jericho. “The boys from the WWE called me and asked me to do it,” Rourke... More »

Indie Wrestlers Hope for Big Time

(Newser) - The WWE isn’t the only pro-wrestling battleground: Outside the mainstream are several indie wrestling leagues where lesser-known fighters can duke it out, the Wall Street Journal reports. There’s little pay—sometimes only $25 a night—and crowds can range from 20 to 18,000, says one contender. ... More »

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