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Daily Show Argument Exposes Obama as Bush Lite

Judge questions DoJ's claim about Cheney

(Newser) - A Justice Department lawyer argued in court yesterday—with a straight face—that releasing statements Dick Cheney made during the Valerie Plame investigation could cause future administration officials to hold back out of fear their statements would “get on The Daily Show.” The judge overseeing the hearing seemed... More »

Judge Nixes Stevens Conviction, Targets Feds

Vows prosecutors will face contempt charges

(Newser) - A Washington judge officially set aside Ted Stevens' conviction today, and vowed to pursue criminal contempt charges against the Justice Department prosecutors who bungled the case against the former senator, Politico reports. Emmet Sullivan berated prosecutors for withholding potentially crucial evidence: “In 25 years on the bench, I have... More »

AWOL Stevens Juror Lied About Dad's Death

Woman goes free after trip to Calif. ends at racetrack, not funeral

(Newser) - The juror in the Ted Stevens trial who was excused to attend her father’s funeral actually skipped out to go to the track, the Anchorage Daily News reports. Marian Hinnant, who was replaced hours before the verdict, appeared before the judge today to explain her absence. She had plans... More »

Death in Juror's Family Puts Stevens Trial on Hold

Jury sent home as deliberations grind closer to Election Day

(Newser) - Deliberations in the corruption trial of Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens were halted again today when the judge sent the jury home following the death of a juror’s father, Politico reports. The juror flew to California, and it’s unknown whether she’ll return for deliberations. This latest delay pushes... More »

Stevens' Fate in Jury's Hands

Deliberations to begin Wednesday

(Newser) - The jury in the corruption trial of Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens will begin deliberating tomorrow, the Anchorage Daily News reports. Prosecutors urged the jury to use common sense to conclude that $250,000 in gifts received by the powerful senator were bribes. His defense counsel told jurors that evidence against... More »

5 Stories