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CBS Is Bringing Back MacGyver

Furious 7 's James Wan will direct the pilot

(Newser) - Someone at CBS must have finally figured out how to combine a number of household items in the exact right way to successfully reboot MacGyver, because the network is preparing to bring it back, Entertainment Weekly reports. CBS Studios describes the new MacGyver thusly: “A reimagining of the television... More »

Big Bird's a Pinko, Charges Writer

Leftist agenda infuses primetime, complains author Ben Shapiro

(Newser) - Red alert! Big Bird is part of a plot by Hollywood liberals to poison children and adult minds with "pinko" ideology. That's the claim maxi-conservative author Ben Shapiro argues in his new book. And it's not just Sesame Street and reruns of shows including M*A*S*H that are... More »

90210 & Co. Get Full Ride as YouTube Ends 10-Minute Rule

Site starts showing full-length TV episodes, films

(Newser) - YouTube is abandoning its 10-minute video limit to show movies and full-length TV episodes, starting with Star Trek, MacGyver, and Beverly Hills, 90210. The Google-owned juggernaut is responding to competition from Hulu and other sites, reports USA Today. It’s also adding “pre-roll” advertisements that play before a video... More »

3 Stories