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After Diver Kills Octopus, New Rules in Puget Sound

Washington state restricts hunting at 7 spots

(Newser) - A wildlife panel in Washington state has stepped in to protect the octopuses of Puget Sound, reports the Seattle Times . The state's Fish and Wildlife Commission yesterday banned the hunting of the giant Pacific octopus at seven popular diving sites. The move comes after a gruesome scene last fall... More »

Cops Hunt for Missing 'Erratic' Mom, Son

She's spotted falling in parking lot, asking for directions

(Newser) - Washington cops continue to hunt for a young "erratic" mom and her 8-year-old son after her minivan was found half-submerged off a Puget Sound road. Backsliding alcoholic Shantina Smiley, 29, was spotted falling in an Olympia parking lot and asking strangers for directions before heading off the opposite way... More »

Underwater Billboards? They're Suspicious in Seattle

Seafood standby heavily promoting 'recently' discovered underwater ad campaign

(Newser) - After unearthing plans laid long ago by its founder, a legendary Seattle seafood restaurant is pulling underwater advertising billboards out of Puget Sound—though Ivar’s accompanying advertising blitz and founder Ivar Haglund’s notorious record of self-promotion have residents smelling something fishy, the Times reports. “If I was... More »

Puget Sound's Orcas in Trouble

(Newser) - The orca population in Washington’s Puget Sound is dropping, and scientists think a scarce food supply is to blame, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. A poor year for chinook salmon—and another is in the forecast—forced the killer whales to spend energy searching further afield for food. Two mature... More »

4 Stories