National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

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Study Offers Clue to Why Female Allergies Are Worse

Estrogen could be to blame for more severe allergic reactions

(Newser) - Studies have shown that women tend to suffer more severe allergic reactions than men, and now researchers may have uncovered a clue as to why. A study out of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases finds that in mice, estrogen "enhances the levels and activity" of an... More »

Ebola Vaccine Passes First Test

Initial results in small study are promising

(Newser) - The world took a small but significant step toward an Ebola vaccine today. Results of a study involving 20 people in the US found that the vaccine worked well enough to move on to round two—a much bigger test group of thousands of people in Africa, reports USA Today... More »

Experts Call for Earlier HIV Treatment

Treatment guidelines may be revised

(Newser) - New research challenges one of the basic assumptions about treating HIV—that patients should begin treatment only when levels of a type of white blood cell fall below a certain mark. New studies show that patients treated under current guidelines are 70% more likely to die than those treated sooner.... More »

3 Stories