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Thais Bust Man With 'Suitcase Zoo'

Smuggler tried to board plane with hundreds of creatures in luggage

(Newser) - Bangkok authorities have busted a man who attempted to board a plane carrying enough creatures to start a small zoo. The Indonesian smuggler's three suitcases contained dozens of snakes—including two boa constrictors and 34 ball pythons—26 lizards of assorted kinds, six Argentine horned frogs, 18 baboon spiders, 22... More »

Namibia's Ivory Sale Raises Poaching Fears

Legal auction could lead to more poaching

(Newser) - Namibia kicked off two weeks of ivory auctions yesterday, marking the first time in almost a decade that the elephant tusks have sold legally, reports the Times of London. Seven tons brought $1.18 million from Chinese and Japanese buyers, and 108 tons—the equivalent of 10,000 elephants—will... More »

2 Stories