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12 Minutes Before Deadline, the 'Putin List' Is Released

Trump administration declined to subject anyone new to sanctions

(Newser) - A long-awaited US list of Russian businessmen and officials who have flourished under Vladimir Putin's presidency appears to be mainly a list of people in Russian government, along with 96 "oligarchs" ranked by Forbes, the AP reports. The list, which features 210 names total and was ordered by... More »

'Most Expensive Divorce in History' Ordered

Russian tycoon has to pay ex-wife $4.5B

(Newser) - Dmitry Rybolovlev, the Russian oligarch so wealthy that his daughter Ekaterina bought New York City's most expensive apartment to use when she visits the city, is about to lose a huge chunk of his riches. After a six-year legal battle, a Swiss court has ordered the billionaire to give... More »

15-Year Search for Secret Putin Fortune Revived

Analysts suspect he has billions stashed away

(Newser) - Is Vladimir Putin secretly the wealthiest leader in history? Fresh sanctions on Russia have revived a worldwide hunt for a suspected hidden Putin fortune that some analysts believe could be worth as much as $70 billion, the New York Times finds. Accusations of shady dealings have followed the Russian leader... More »

FBI Let Blacklisted Russian Tycoon Visit US

Organized crime suspect bypasses visa refusal

(Newser) - A Russian billionaire barred from the US for years because authorities suspected him of involvement in organized crime was allowed into the country twice this year under a secret deal with the FBI. Despite the objections of other government agencies, metals tycoon Oleg Deripaska was allowed to bypass the visa... More »

Want to Own a Newspaper? Got $1.50?

Russian oligarch buying iconic London paper for token sum

(Newser) - A Russian oligarch with a past in the KGB is set to buy one of London's most visible newspapers, at the knockdown price of just a buck and a half. Alexander Lebedev will acquire the Evening Standard for the token price—the cost of two copies—from a media conglomerate... More »

Major Austrian Investor Tied to Madoff Vanishes

Bank Medici founder lost $2.1B, may fear jilted investors

(Newser) - Sonja Kohn, the well-known founder of Austria’s Bank Medici, has disappeared from public view, the New York Times reports, after Medici lost investors $2.1 billion in the Bernie Madoff mess. Kohn was a good friend of Madoff’s, and aggressively pushed his wares. She may be hiding out... More »

Putin Pounces on Private Companies

Kremlin uses financial crisis to further its aims of 'renationalizing'

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin has insisted for years that Russia made a colossal mistake by privatizing the nation's giant reserves of oil, gas, and other natural resources after the fall of the Soviet Union. The president-turned-prime minister has made muscular efforts to renationalize those industries—most notoriously the Yukos oil company, whose... More »

Russia Bails Out Its Richest Man

Metal mogul Deripaska gets $4.5B handout to help pay loans from Western banks

(Newser) - The Russian government has agreed to loan $4.5 billion to metals magnate Oleg Deripaska to help him pay off a loan to a group of Western banks. While the state bank overseeing the bailout would not confirm the news, three newspapers have reported that Deripaska, who is considered Russia's... More »

As Oligarchs Lose Billions, Kremlin Steps In

Russia bails out first businessman, but more trouble looms

(Newser) - The Kremlin is allowing an individual businessman to tap into a $50 billion rescue fund, reports the Wall Street Journal, signaling a shake-up of the relationship between the Russian government and the country's oligarchs. Mikhail Fridman, whose creditors declared him in default on a $2 billion loan from Deutsche Bank,... More »

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