Brent Scowcroft

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GOP Stalwart Says He'll Back Hillary

Brent Scowcroft was national security adviser for Ford, George HW, served 3 other GOP presidents

(Newser) - When you hear the name "Brent Scowcroft," certain things may come to mind, including "retired lieutenant general " and "heavyweight foreign policy adviser" to several GOP presidents, CNN notes. He served as national security adviser to Presidents Ford and George HW Bush, as well as in... More »

'Realist' Has Obama's Ear on Foreign Policy

Scowcroft, adviser to Bush I, will likely see protégés in key posts

(Newser) - Brent Scowcroft, national security adviser to the first President Bush and shunned by the second over Iraq, is likely to exercise serious foreign-policy influence in Barack Obama’s administration, the Wall Street Journal reports. Scowcroft, known for a non-ideological foreign-policy philosophy, counts among his protégés a number of... More »

Rice Could Be Lone Survivor of Bush Years

Avoiding public scorn leaves open political avenues for confidante

(Newser) - Condoleezza Rice might be the lone Bush confidante to escape with a political career intact, Marc Hujer writes in Der Spiegel, ironic because if “anyone, besides Bush …ought to be held accountable for the failings of the current administration, it is Rice.” As national security adviser then... More »

3 Stories