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2 Dead, Dozens Injured in Delaware Bus Crash

Bus turned over coming down a ramp yesterday afternoon

(Newser) - An unmarked bus with New York plates overturned on an off-ramp from Delaware's Route 1 yesterday afternoon, killing two women and sending dozens more to hospitals. Authorities say there is no evidence of another vehicle involved in the crash, while the road there is known for being steep, reports... More »

Truck Flips, Dumps 20M Angry Bees on Highway

Delaware beekeepers rush to the rescue

(Newser) - It might seem that if you were hauling around, say, 20 million or so passengers who could sting the hell out of you, you might proceed with an abundance of caution. Such was not the fate of a Florida-to-Maine driver this week, who failed to negotiate an on-ramp in Delaware,... More »

Philly Phetes Series Triumph

Thousands gather, mainly peacefully, to celebrate Phillies' first title since 1980

(Newser) - The streets of Philadelphia were mobbed with celebrating Phillies fans into today’s wee hours, with some directing enthusiastic violence at cars and shop windows, the Inquirer reports. Firemen responding to street blazes had to turn their hoses on uncooperative revelers, and sporadic looting was reported. Still, the overall scene... More »

3 Stories