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Local Food Could Save the Economy

Tom Philpott offers a plan to create jobs

(Newser) - Americans spend nearly $1.2 trillion per year on food—that's almost one-tenth of the total US GDP—but very little of that helps our local communities, since most of our food money goes to large chains. If we could turn that around and shop for more local food,... More »

Struggling US Cities Turn Off the Lights

Towns nationwide get a little darker

(Newser) - For a number of cities across the US, troubled local economies have led to dark times—literally. From Oregon to Illinois to California, struggling towns have found themselves forced to turn off, and often completely remove, local streetlights. And with winter shortening daylight hours, citizens are none too pleased by... More »

'L'Aquila Is Finished,' Residents Despair

Ad-hoc recovery is like post-Katrina's FEMA: experts

(Newser) - At the heart of Italy's quake-struck L'Aquila was its namesake university and the 27,500 students the local bars, shops, and hostels relied on for customers. With many fleeing the crippled university and town that will take years to renovate, local shop owners wonder how they'll survive. “L’Aquila... More »

Towns, Counties Create Own Stimulus Plans

Economists see mixed results, but local boost can be psychological

(Newser) - Across the US, cities, states, and counties aren’t waiting for Uncle Sam to jumpstart the economy, the Wall Street Journal reports. Many have devised their own, often creative, methods of stimulating local economies. One Texas town, for example, has used its budget surplus to create 250 temporary, low-paying jobs,... More »

Amid Recession, Visitors Flock to National Parks

Every dollar spent on parks generates $4 in spending

(Newser) - Local economies enjoyed a federal bailout of sorts from National Parks visitors, who spent $11.8 billion in businesses surrounding parks and monuments last year. For every government dollar dispensed on upkeep and some 200,000 workers, $4 were generated in local spending, reports the Washington Times. Sales were up... More »

'Stationmaster' Puts $10M in Town's Kitty

Japanese hamlet cashes in on calico's popularity

(Newser) - The Japanese hamlet of Kishikawa has hopped aboard the Tama express, CNN reports, with the local economy getting a $10 million boost as the calico-turned-hat-wearing-stationmaster gains popularity within and beyond the nation’s borders. Folks flock to the town for a break from city life, taking pictures with the feline... More »

6 Stories