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Guy Throws Lit Fireworks Over White House Fence

Secret Service doesn't dawdle in taking him down

(Newser) - An unidentified man chose yesterday—the day of the Washington Navy Yard mass shooting —to throw lit fireworks over the White House fence. Not surprisingly, he was immediately tackled by Secret Service agents. An eyewitness tells the Daily Beast the firecrackers were a bit bigger than cherry bombs, and... More »

Jet Passenger Tried to Ignite Powder

Nigerian claims ties to al-Qaeda; plane lands safely in Detroit

(Newser) - Authorities have taken a Nigerian man into custody after he reportedly tried to ignite a powdery substance—initially reported as firecrackers—aboard a Northwest jet that landed in Detroit from Amsterdam today. The man told federal officials he had links to al-Qaeda and wanted to blow up a plane over... More »

Pyrotechnics Likely Caused Thai Club Fire

Club was ill-equipped for fire safety

(Newser) - Firecrackers or a pyrotechnic New Year's display are the likely culprits in last night’s Bangkok nightclub blaze that killed 61 people and injured 200, the BBC reports. Witnesses said flames shot from a stage set the ceiling on fire, which then fell onto terrified partygoers. “People were screaming... More »

Festive Brits Blow Up Palin Effigy

400-year-old tradition 'roasts' politicians

(Newser) - It was all in good fun, insisted a group of Brits yesterday after they exploded an effigy of Sarah Palin, which was packed with firecrackers. The spectacular send-off was the climax of an annual bonfire celebration in the southern town of Battle, which traditionally blows up an effigy of someone... More »

4 Stories